Shatner's Raw Nerve

Shatner's Raw Nerve was an American television program on The Biography Channel.[1] In it, William Shatner sits down with various celebrities and conducts offbeat interviews with them. Some celebrities who have appeared are Tim Allen, Jon Voight, Drew Carey, Kelsey Grammer, Walter Koenig, LeVar Burton, Scott Bakula, Rush Limbaugh, Judge Judy Sheindlin, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Jenna Jameson, and Leonard Nimoy (one of his last interviews). It is produced by Scott Sternberg Productions.[2]

Shatner's Raw Nerve
StarringWilliam Shatner
Country of originUnited States
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time30 minutes
Original networkThe Biography Channel
Picture format480i
Original releaseDecember 2, 2008 –
March 14, 2011

Reactions from Star Trek cast membersEdit

During the interview with Walter Koenig, Shatner could tell that Koenig was withholding something about how he viewed Shatner. After Shatner persuaded him to continue, Koenig revealed that there had been a feeling on the set of Star Trek that Shatner could get any of them fired, though he never saw Shatner actually follow through on that perceived feeling. Koenig also informed Shatner that while his and other actors' roles may not have been as prominent at Shatner's, Leonard Nimoy's or DeForest Kelley's, there were still contributions they could have made to each scene if Shatner had allowed them to. As Koenig put it, they wanted to say to him, "Cut the shit, Shatner", but did not.

Similar to his experience when conducting interviews for Star Trek Memories, Shatner was surprised by this and remorseful, saying that he would have behaved differently if he had known. He then offered to find a role for Koenig on his then current series ($#*! My Dad Says) since he had "a little more authority" than he did on Star Trek, but the series was cancelled before he could fulfill that offer.


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