Shastri Sisters: Chaar Dil Ek Dhadkan (transl. "Shastri sisters: four hearts, one beat"), commonly known as Shastri Sisters, is an Indian television series that aired from July 21, 2014, to August 8, 2015, on Colors TV. The show stars Ishita Ganguly, Sonal Vengurlekar, Vijayendra Kumeria, and Sumit Bhardwaj.[2][3] Its plot follows four sisters as they journey from Kanpur to Delhi.

Shastri Sisters
Also known asShastri Sisters Chaar Dil Ek Dhadkan
GenreIndian Soap Opera
Created byShakuntalam Telefilms
Written byNeelima Bajpai
Damini Kanwal Shetty
Kalpana Khurana
Rajita Sharma
Nidhi Singh
Amit Babbar
Directed byJignesh M Vaishnav
Lalit Jha
Creative directorMrinal Tripathi
StarringVijayendra kumeria
Ishita Ganguly
Sonal Vengurlekar
Sumit Bhardwaj
Neha Pednekar
Sujay Reu
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes329[1]
ProducersNeelima Bajpai
Shymashis Bhattacharya
Production locationsDelhi
EditorAfzal Sheikh
Running time30 minutes
Production companyShakuntalam Telefilms
Original release
NetworkColors TV
Release21 July 2014 (2014-07-21) –
8 August 2015 (2015-08-08)

The show was dubbed in Telugu as Manam, which airs on Gemini TV,[4][5] and in Tamil as Kanchana airing on Raj TV. It is titled Tere Naal Ishq on Colors Rishtey.



Four sisters Alka, Anushka, Devyani, and Piya live with their father Narayan Shastri in Kanpur. They lost their mother at a very young age and were raised single-handedly by Narayan. They move to Delhi after Narayan gets a job transfer, where they stay at his childhood friend Surinder Sareen's house. Surinder lives with his wife Minty and two sons, Neil and Rajat. Minty and Neil hate the sisters and try to oust them.

Narayan learns that Alka loves Rajeev, and thus takes a marriage proposal to Rajeev's father, but Narayan gets insulted instead. After knowing all this, Alka apologizes to Narayan. He fixes her alliance to his friend Harishankar's son, Rohan Pandey, and thus the two marry.

Both Anushka and Devyani fall in love with Rajat, who has feelings for Anushka. Neil falls in love with Devyani but she rejects him. When Rajat tries to confess his love for Anushka to his family, Minty and Nikki decide to seek revenge for Neil from Devyani. They create a misunderstanding and make everyone believe that Rajat loves Devyani. Everyone prepares for their engagement and when Anushka learns that Devyani also loves Rajat, she sacrifices her love for Devyani. Rajat learns on his engagement day that he is getting engaged to Devyani and he wants to tell her the truth, but is stopped by Anushka. Anushka makes Rajat promise her to become engaged to her sister and he reluctantly agrees. Rajat and Devyani become engaged. As Minty and Nikki's plan fail, they again try to expose Anushka and Rajat. This time they become successful. Devyani becomes heartbroken after knowing the truth and she insults Anushka, accusing her of taking her fiancé, but Anushka remains silent. Rajat criticises her for disrespecting her sister, and tells her that he loves Anushka and not her. Anushka refuses and says that Rajat is only Devyani's.

The next day, Surinder and Rajat learn about Minty and Nikki. Surinder ousts Nikki from the house and scolds Minty.

Rajat's ex-girlfriend, Karishma, appears. To make Anushka jealous, Rajat announces his marriage to Karishma, but Anushka remains focused on her relationship with her sister. Later, Devyani tries to convince Anushka to stop Rajat's marriage and discusses this matter with Rajat, who insists that Anushka should profess her love for him first. He is later arrested and Anushka is blamed for his arrest. It is revealed that Karishma is responsible.

Rajat and Anushka finally marry. Neil is forced by Minty to marry her friend Leela's daughter, Kajal, which upsets Devyani, who decides to work with Alka. Someone attacks Devyani at work and she suspects Neil's involvement. Anushka blames Neil for hurting Devyani, but he insists that he is innocent. After three days everyone returns home and Neil returns from jail.

Kajal is revealed to have married Neil only for his property, so Minty scolds her and ends her relationship with Neil. Kajal pushes Anushka off a cliff, and Rajat is kidnapped.

One year later, the Sareens and Shastris celebrate. Rajat and Devyani begin the wedding ceremony, but Anushka is revealed to be alive.




  • Ishita Ganguly as Anushka Rajat Sareen – Narayan's second daughter; Alka, Devyani and Piya's sister; Rajat's wife
  • Vijayendra Kumeria as Squadron Leader Rajat Sareen – An air force pilot; Minty and Surinder's elder son; Neil's brother; Anushka's husband
  • Neha Pednekar as Alka Shastri Pandey – Narayan's eldest daughter; Anushka, Devyani and Piya's sister; Rohan's wife
  • Sujay Reu as Rohan Pandey – Harishankar and Vrinda's son; Alka's husband
  • Sonal Vengurlekar as Devyani Shastri – Narayan's third daughter; Alka, Anushka and Piya's sister; Neil's love interest
  • Sumit Bhardwaj as Neil Sareen – Minty and Surinder's younger son; Rajat's brother; Kajal's ex-husband; Devyani's love interest


  • Rajesh Jais as Narayan Shastri – Surinder's childhood friend; Alka, Anushka, Devyani and Piya's father
  • Pragati Chourasiya as Piya Shastri – Narayan's youngest daughter; Alka, Anushka and Devyani's sister
  • Neelu Kohli as Mintakshi "Minty" Sareen – Surinder's wife; Rajat and Neil's mother
  • Gireesh Sahedev as Surinder Sareen – Narayan's childhood friend; Minty's husband; Rajat and Neil's father
  • Chaitrali Gupte as Vrinda Pandey – Harishankar's wife; Rohan's mother
  • Prithvi Zutshi as Harishankar Pandey – Narayan's friend; Vrinda's husband; Rohan's father
  • Shraddha Jaiswal as Aastha Pandey
  • Navneet Nishan as Nikki
  • Puneet Vashisht as Dr. Raghavendra Singh
  • Sudeep Sahir as Veerarav "Veer" Rajshekhari
  • Sumit Verma as Rajeev – Alka's ex-boyfriend
  • Sudha Chandran as Buaji
  • Swati Kumar as Karishma
  • Priyanka Khera as Kajal Sareen – Neil's ex-wife
  • Poonam Bhatia as Leela Massi – Minty's friend
  • Smita Singh as Inspector Guggal Pandey[6] (2015)
  • Dipika Kakar as Simar



Kanchana (English: Kanchana – Soul of Affection and Love) is a Tamil serial and a soap opera that premiered on 31 August 2015.

Manam is a Telugu serial and a soap opera that premiered on 8 February 2016 and airs Monday through Friday.

Cast (Tamil version)


Cast (Telugu version)



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