Sharwood's is a British food company, which specialises in Asian food established in 1889 and acquired by RHM in 1963, which was then merged into Premier Foods in March 2007.

IndustryFood Manufacture
ProductsAsian cooking sauces, accompaniments and ingredients.
ParentPremier Foods

Company productsEdit

The company produces Indian, Chinese and South East Asian food products and ingredients. It produces many cooking sauces, which usually come in a recognisable square shape jar, and also curry pastes and powders, pappadoms, naan breads, noodles, prawn crackers as well as ready meals. It holds the largest market share in Britain in this range. As of 2007 it claims to have 28% of the Asian food market in Britain, and that 46% of sales are from sauces. [1]


In August 2010 Sharwood's teamed up with actor and personality Joanna Lumley to develop a limited edition Mango Chutney with Kashmiri Chilli – an ingredient from her birthplace. Sharwood's pledged to donate 10p from each jar sold to the Gurkha Welfare Trust.[2]

In 2012, Sharwood's released an extended range to complement its tikka masala sauce; these are "Extra Mild", "Extra Creamy", "Extra Onions" and "Mango Chutney flavour".

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