Shapur-i Shahrvaraz

Shapur-i Shahrvaraz (Middle Persian: 𐭱𐭧𐭯𐭥𐭧𐭥𐭩𐭩 𐭧𐭱𐭨𐭥𐭥𐭥𐭰, meaning "Shapur, son of Shahrvaraz"), also known as Shapur V, was Sasanian king (shah) of Iran briefly in 630.

Shapur-i Shahrvaraz
𐭱𐭧𐭯𐭥𐭧𐭥𐭩𐭩 𐭧𐭱𐭨𐭥𐭥𐭥𐭰
King of Kings of Iran and non-Iran
Shahanshah of the Sasanian Empire
SuccessorAzarmidokht (in Ctesiphon)
Hormizd VI (in Nisibis)
HouseHouse of Mihran
MotherUnnamed sister of Khosrow II


Shapur-i Shahrvaraz was the son of Shahrbaraz, the distinguished Iranian military commander (spahbed) and briefly shah of Iran. Shapur's mother was the sister of Khosrow II.[1] In 630, after Boran was deposed, Shapur became king of Iran, but was shortly deposed by the nobles who did not acknowledge his rule. He was succeeded by his cousin Azarmidokht. When she became queen of Iran, Farrukh Hormizd proposed to marry her, which Shapur was in favor of; however, Azarmidokht declined the proposal and became angry at Shapur for agreeing.[2] What happened to Shapur afterward is not known.


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Shapur-i Shahrvaraz
Preceded by
Shahrbaraz in Nisibis
King of Kings of Iran and non-Iran
Succeeded by