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Shankar Lamichhane (Nepali: शङ्कर लामिछाने) was a Nepalese writer who introduced stream-of-consciousness into Nepalese literature. [1]

Shankar Lamichhane
Known forWinner of Madan Puraskar

Considered one of Nepal's foremost essayists of all times, Shankar Lamichhane wrote with a lyrical, musical tempo, unrestrained by the ponderous language that often mars the essays of his elders, peers or followers. He died an untimely death at the age of 48, but had stopped writing before that, discouraged by an anonymous accusation of plagiarism, an accusation he accepted, but which is still deliberated over by critics.[2] That Lamichhane's fresh, playful style greatly enriched Nepali literature is, however, indisputable. His collection Abstract Chintan: Pyaz, shows off his light touch in dealing with both intimate and metaphysical subjects. Abstract Chintan: Pyaz, his Magnum Opus won him the Madan Puraskaar in 2024 Bikram Samwat. He died at the age of 48.

Shankar Lamichhane Essay Society was established in his honor.



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