Shanghai Shijie Fanhua Bao

Shanghai Shijie Fanhua Bao (Chinese: 上海世界繁華報) was a periodical published in Shanghai, China.[1] The name is often shortened to Fanhua Bao or Shijie Fanhua Bao ("World Vanity Fair" or "The Glittering World").[2]

Shanghai Shijie Fanhua Bao
Traditional Chinese上海世界繁華報
Simplified Chinese上海世界繁华报
Literal meaningThe Bustling World of Shanghai" or "Shanghai Splendor" or "The Glittering World"

Li Baojia (Li Boyuan) was the founder. The main editors were Ouyang Gan (歐陽淦; 欧阳淦; Ōuyáng Gàn; Ou-yang Kan) and Ren Guangjin (任光覲; 任光觐; Rèn Guāngjìn; Jen Kuang-chin). It was founded on May 7, 1901. Publication ended on April 22, 1910.[3]

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Serialized works include:



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