Shanghai–Kowloon through train

The direction sign of Shanghai–Kowloon through train, taken near Hung Hom station; the southern destination has been labeled as "Hong Kong Hung Hom" since April 2019
Shanghai–Kowloon through train at the Shanghai railway station

The Shanghai–Kowloon through train is an intercity railway service between Hung Hom station in Hong Kong and the Shanghai railway station, jointly operated by the MTR of Hong Kong and China's national rail service (Shanghai Railway Bureau). The numbers of this train service is Z99B (being away from Shanghai) and Z100B (being towards Shanghai). Services operate along the East Rail Line in Hong Kong, crossing the boundary between Hong Kong and mainland China at Lo Wu/Luohu and then continuing along China's railway network via the Guangshen railway, Jingguang railway and the Hukun railway to Shanghai. The Through Train runs every other day. The journey time is approximately 20 hours.

The stops on the route are Guangzhou East, Zhuzhou, and Jinhuaxi stations. Only passengers taking Z99A/Z100A (Shanghai-Guangzhou East) can disembark at these stops.

Since 1 October 2003, passengers who are taking Z99B/100B cannot disembark the train at the stops listed above, as all travelers to Hong Kong from Shanghai clear Chinese immigration and customs at Shanghai station, and once they have done so they are considered to have left Mainland China and are no longer permitted to leave the train until their arrival at Hung Hom station. The same rule also applies to Northbound travelers who will clear Chinese immigration once they have arrived at Shanghai station.[1] 144-hour visa-free transit for passengers who are of selected nationalities are available since 30 January 2016.[2]

Train carriagesEdit

Shanghai–Kowloon through train uses 25T class train carriages. The train has 18 carriages in total. But only 11 carriages go to Hong Kong because other 7 carriages serve Z99A/Z100A, they are separated (for Z99B go to Hong Kong) at the Guangzhou East railway station.

Carriage number 1 2 3-6 7-9 10 11 12-14 15-17 18
Type of carriages XL25T
Baggage car
Hard sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Soft sleeper
Luxury Soft Sleeper
Dining car
Hard Sleeper
Hard seat
Hard Sleeper
Notes Carriages No.1-11 go to Hong Kong (Z99B/Z100B) Carriages No.12-18 only serve passengers taking Z99A/Z100A


Shanghai-Kowloon Through Train
Z99[3] Stops Z100[4]
Arrive Depart Arrive Depart
18:02 Shanghai 10:22
21:04 21:08 Jinhua 07:02 07:06
03:05 03:21 Zhuzhou 00:51 01:11
10:08 11:04 Guangzhou East 17:16 18:12
13:01 Hung Hom 15:15

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