Shamsuddin Kayumars

Shams ud-Din Kayumars (c. 1285 – 13 June 1290, reigned in 1290) was a son of Muiz ud-Din Qaiqabad, the eleventh sultan of the Mamluk dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate.

Shams ud-Din Kayumars
Shamsuddin II
Copper coin of Shamsuddin kayumars.jpg
Coin of Kayumaras
11th Sultan of Delhi
Reign1 February 1290 – 13 June 1290
PredecessorMuiz ud-Din Qaiqabad
SuccessorJalal ud-Din Firuz Khalji
Bornc. 1285
Died13 June 1290 (aged c. 4–5)
Delhi, Delhi Sultanate
FatherMuiz ud-Din Qaiqabad


His father Muiz ud din Qaiqabad is said to have been murdered by a Khalji noble, Jalal ud-Din Firuz Khalji. Khalji assumed the throne after murdering Kayumars, ending the Mamluk dynasty and starting the Khalji dynasty.[1] By that time Qaiqabad was struck down with paralysis and the Turkic nobles had raised his three-year old son Kayumars to the throne as the Sultan.

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