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Shampoohorn is an album by Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa, under the group name AZ/DZ (from the initial letters of their names), released in 1994.[1]

Studio album by AZ/DZ
Released 1994
Genre Rock
Label Barking Pumpkin Records
AZ/DZ chronology
Music For Pets
(1996)Music For Pets1996
Dweezil Zappa chronology
(1991) Confessions1991
(1994) Shampoohorn1994
(2000) Automatic2000

The European version of the album was released months before the American version. Between the release of the two versions, Dweezil Zappa fired longtime Zappa bassist Scott Thunes due to inter-band conflicts, and hired bassist Bryan Beller, a Berklee honors graduate based on the recommendation of drummer Joe Travers (who had played extensively with Beller at Berklee) and an exhausting 5-day audition. After this change, the band continued to record. As a result, the European version of the album differs from the American version, which replaces "What Went Wrong In The Real World?", and "Bellybutton" with "In My Mind" and "My Beef Mailbox", both featuring Beller on bass.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Singer In The Woods"
  2. "In My Mind"
  3. "Did I Mention It Was Huge?"
  4. "Jesus Clone"
  5. "Loser"
  6. "Kidz Cereal"
  7. "Mommy"
  8. "Dreaming"
  9. "Rubberband"
  10. "Mountains On The Moon"
  11. "Lucky Jones"
  12. "Leviathan"
  13. "Doomed To Be Together"
  14. "My Beef Mailbox"
  15. "Them"
  16. "Shampoohorn"


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