Shambhavi (Sanskrit: शाम्भवी, IAST: Śāmbhavī), is the feminine of Shambhu, and can either be his wife (his other half that's feminine) or his daughter (that which came to be, directly from him). Shambhu in Sanskrit means something that is born from happiness/bliss ("sham" meaning 'bliss' and "bhu" meaning, 'to exist'), and is also the source to the same. Shambhu is a name of Lord Shiva. Shambhavi is a name of Goddess Durga.

It has a twofold meaning. It also entails to the yogic mahamudra “Shambhavi” - that which is assumed by Shiva.

Shambhavi, sometimes written as Shambavi, is a river in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka state, India. Mulki town is south of the river, which flows westwards into the Arabian sea. Bappanadu Durga temple is situated near the river.[1]

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