Shamas Faqir

Shamas Faqir (شمس فقیر in Kashmiri) was a Kashmiri Sufi poet. He belonged to the Qadiriyya silsila of Sufism.[citation needed]

Shamas Faqeer R.A.
Shamas Faqeer.jpg
TitleShamas Faqir.
Other namesShamas Seab,
Mohammad Sidiq Bhat

Resting placeKrishpore, Khan Saheb, Budgam, Kashmir.
Era19th century
RegionJammu and Kashmir
DenominationIshq, (Sufi)
Main interest(s)Sufism, Tasawuf
Notable work(s)Sufi poetry
Other namesShamas Seab,

Shamas Faqir was born Mohammad Sidiq Bhat in 1843, to a poor family in Chinkral Mohalla, Srinagar, Kashmir.[citation needed] He didn't receive formal education, but became apprenticed to Niama Saeb, a Kashmiri Sufi poet. He became a disciple of Souch Maliar, Abdul Rehman of Burzalla, Atiq-Ullah of Gulab Bagh, Mohammad Jammal and Rasool Saeb.[citation needed]

When aged 25 he left for Amritsar, in the Indian Punjab, where he became a disciple of another Sufi Saint.[who?] After his return from Amritsar he lived in Anantnag, Kashmir, where he married. He returned to his ancestral home in Srinagar for some time, subsequently meditating for six months in a cave at Qazi Bagh in the Budgam district of Kashmir. Following this he lived in Krishpore.[citation needed]

Many of his poems are on the theme of a mystic's quest for the primal cause of the universe.[further explanation needed] Shamas Faqir's poems used the Kashmiri idiom of his time, and also words from Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit.[citation needed] His poem Merajnama recounts Mohammed's spiritual journey to God.[citation needed]

Shamas Faqir died in 1901, and was buried at Krishpore in Kashmir. He had two sons and a daughter.[1]


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