Shakeel Siddiqui (Urdu: شکیل صدیقی; born 26 May 1964) is a Pakistani television stand-up comedian, stage and film actor, theatre director and playwright.

Shakeel Siddiqui
Born (1964-05-26) 26 May 1964 (age 59)
Other namesTeeli
  • Actor
  • Comedian
  • Director
  • Playwright
Children7, including Sharahbil Siddiqui[1]
Comedy career
Notable works and rolesComedy Circus
Comedy Nights Bachao
Comedy Nights Live
Comedy Kings

Initially interested in singing, on the insistence of a cousin he began his career as a stage actor in the early 1980s, inspired by comedian Lehri and collaborating with the likes of Moin Akhter and especially Umer Shareef.[2]

He is regarded as one of the greatest comedian Pakistan has ever produced.

In the 2000s, he also rose to prominence in India after appearing as a contestant in Comedy Circus.[3] Although he didn't win, he became so popular that he was hired as a co-host in the second season of the show. He was paired to actress Urvashi Dholakia in the reality show Ustaadon Ka Ustaad (2008).

Shakeel Siddiqui also appeared as a celebrity guest in Salman Khan's reality game show, Dus Ka Dum (2008)[4] and as a guest judge in Boogie Woogie dance competition.

He was also a participant in the third season of Comedy Circus, dubbed Kaante Ki Takkar.

Shakeel is also known as Teeli in Pakistan.[5]

Career Edit

Early career as stage actor Edit

Shakeel in his earlier career did not quite click until he was discovered by Umar Shareef, who eventually made him an important theater artist. Both worked in several stage dramas together, including Bakra Qiston Pay (Goat On Installments), Yeh To House Full Hogaya (Full House), Nayee Ammi Purana Abba (New Mother, Old Father), Dulhan Main Lekar Jaonga (I Will Take The Bride), Beauty Parlour, Budha Ghar Per Hai (The Old Man Is At Home) and many more.[6]

Shakeel's role in stage plays and films were quite popular, not only in Pakistan but in the whole region, leading him to work with Indian comedians like Johnny Lever.

His situational jokes for Shruti Seth on the sets of Comedy Circus made the Indian audience absolute stunned and his presence of mind has led him to marvelous success in India.

Theatre director and playwright Edit

Outside acting, Shakeel had also directed and written plays, including Dunya Do Numberi, which was staged in Karachi's Arts Council of Pakistan in 2020.[7]

Success in India and departure (2008–2016) Edit

Beginning in 2008, Shakeel is best known for his time in India due to the show Comedy Circus where he was critically acclaimed as the king of stage comedy. He later stepped out of the competition by himself and participated separately on fans' choice alongside Urvashi Dholakia initially and, later, with Shruti Seth and Mona Singh during the final season of his appearance.

Among the other participants he became role model and participants like Swapnil often referred him as the best stand up of the show. Satish Shah and Archana praised Shakeel for his tremendous performances and cracking furious jokes on Shruti Seth. He also appeared in game show Dus Ka Dum on Sony Television.

Due to the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, all the artists from Pakistan, including Shakeel, were asked to leave the country.[8][9] Some news channels and blogs reported that Shakeel was beaten and forced to leave India by locals due to 26/11 Mumbai attacks.[10][11][12]

However, he later denied being beaten or abused and claimed that the producers of Sony were threatened by the members of MNS of "dire consequences" if they continue to allow Pakistanis to perform on their shows. As a safety precaution, the producers and the artist agreed to have him leave the country. This claim coincides with later reports.[13][14][15]

In early 2014, Shakeel made a comeback to Indian screen with Comedy Classes on Life Ok.[16]

Due to the political tensions between both countries rising again, Shakeel's last appearance on Indian television would be in 2016.

Selected filmography Edit

Stage dramas Edit

Year Title
1989 Bakra Qiston Pay
2003 Yeh To House Full Hogaya
2004 Nayee Ammi Purana Abba

Television dramas Edit

Year Title Role Channel
1994 Aitraaf Jumman PTV
2009–11 Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai Geo TV
2013 Ideals TV One

Films Edit

Year Title Role Language
1995 Munda Bigra Jaye Urdu
1996 Baazigar Punjabi
1998 Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa Hero Bhai Urdu

Television reality shows Edit

Year Show Role Notes
2008–09 Ustaadon Ka Ustaad Contestant Winner
2008–09 Comedy Circus : Kaante Ki Takkar Celebrity contestant with Urvashi Dholakia
2010–11 Comedy Circus Ke SuperStars Celebrity contestant with Urvashi Dholakia
2013–14 Comedy Club Celebrity contestant with Sucheta Khanna
2014–15 Comedy Classes[17] Urdu teacher
2015–16 Comedy Nights Bachao Himself and various roles
2016 Comedy Nights Live Various roles

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