Shaho (Kurdish: شاھۆ ,Şaho‎)[1][2] is a mountain of the central Zagros Mountains range. It is located between cities of Kamyaran, Sarv Abad, Marivan, Nodeshe, Nawsoud, Pave, Javanroud, Rawansar in the district of Kurdistan and Kermanshah Provinces, western Iran. The highest peak of this mountain is called Havi Khani, located at the height of 3400 meters. Some of the other highest peaks are Zavoli 3205 meters, Pir Kheder 3090 meters, Nour 3110 meters highest from the sea level. The Shaho mountain is close to the Sirvan River.

Shaho Mountain (6).jpg
Shaho means place of King
Highest point
Elevation3,400 m (11,200 ft)
CoordinatesCoordinates: 35°06′N 46°24′E / 35.1°N 46.4°E / 35.1; 46.4 (Shaho, Iran)
Parent rangeZagros Mountains
Easiest routewesten front

This area contains notable villages such as Hajij, Shamshir, Palangan and Hawraman Takht.

'Shaho' is a rather popular male name in the Kurdish speaking cities of Iran.

Bears, foxes, jackals, wolves, pigs, rabbits, antelope and Partridges are usual animals of this mount.

A view from inside the car Shaho Mountain


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