Shahabad district

Shahabad district or Arrah district, headquartered at Arrah (now part of Bhojpur District, Bihar) was a Bhojpuri speaking district in western Bihar, India making western border of Bihar with Uttar Pradesh. In year 1972, the district was subsequently bifurcated into two districts [1] namely Bhojpur and Rohtas. Later on Kaimur District was carved out from Rohtas in 1991 and Buxar District from Bhojpur in 1992. Historically, the geographic area was the eastern part of Kashi Mahajanapadas (see Kingdom of Kashi), with the Son River separating it from Magadh.

The districts in erstwhile Shahabad are as follows.

All four above districts falls under Patna Division along with Patna and Nalanda District.

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