Shah Berunai

Shah Berunai was the eighth Sultan of Brunei who ruled only a year. He ascended the throne in 1581 on the death of his father Sultan Saiful Rijal. He died in 1582 without any male descendants and was succeeded by his younger brother Pengiran Muda Tengah Muhammad Hassan. During his reign he was concerned with the production of a cannon for the defense of Brunei from the attacks of the Spanish army, that was headquartered in Manila, as a consequence of the Castille War.

Shah Berunai
8th Sultan of Brunei
Reign1581 CE - 1582 CE (death)[citation needed]
PredecessorSaiful Rijal
SuccessorMuhammad Hassan
Died1582 (1583)
FatherSaiful Rijal
ReligionSunni Islam

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