Shadow Cabinet of Iain Duncan Smith

The UK Shadow Cabinet (see also Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet (UK)) was appointed by Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith. Following his initial appointments in September 2001 Smith managed three reshuffles before his resignation as leader in November 2003.

IDS Shadow Cabinet, 14 September 2001Edit

Junior Shadow MinistersEdit

IDS Shadow Cabinet reshuffle, 3 May 2002Edit

There was a minor reshuffle of the Shadow Cabinet due to the sacking of Ann Winterton as Shadow Rural Affairs Minister. Ann Winterton was sacked due to a racist speech at a rugby club, claiming that 'Pakis' were '10 a penny'. Winterton refused to resign, and was therefore sacked by IDS.

Shadow CabinetEdit

Junior Shadow MinistersEdit

Changes from 18 September 2001Edit

  • Ann Winterton is sacked from the Shadow Ministerial Team
  • David Lidington enters the Shadow Ministerial Team as Shadow Rural Affairs Minister

IDS Shadow Cabinet reshuffle, 23 July 2002Edit

Junior Shadow MinistersEdit

Changes from 3 May 2002Edit

IDS Shadow Cabinet reshuffle, 1 July 2003Edit

Junior Shadow MinistersEdit

Changes from 23 July 2002Edit

  • Patrick Mercer becomes the newly created Shadow Homeland Security Minister

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