Shōnen Sunday Super

Shōnen Sunday Super (少年サンデー超, Shōnen Sandē Sūpā) is a monthly shōnen manga magazine published by Shogakukan.

Shōnen Sunday Super
Shounen Sunday Super.png
The cover of Shōnen Sunday Super 2005.7 with Ryoji Minagawa's D-Live!! supplemental series.
CategoriesShōnen manga[1]
FrequencyMonthly (1978–2004)
Bi-monthly (2004–2009)
Monthly (2009–)
(July–September, 2016)
First issue1978

History & BackgroundEdit

Originally billed as a special edition of Shōnen Sunday entitled Shōnen Sunday Zōkan, it was renamed Shōnen Sunday Super in 1995. It is often the home of short term serials by established Shogakukan artists, as well as a place to break in new, up-and-coming Japanese manga artist. In April 2004 the magazine switched from being published monthly to bi-monthly. It was bi-monthly from 2004 to 2009, it has since changed back to monthly.

It is not uncommon for a series to transfer to Shōnen Sunday if it becomes popular, such as Hiroyuki Nishimori's Kyō Kara Ore Wa!! and Takuya Mitsuda's Kenta Yarimasu!. Both of these artists debuted in Shōnen Sunday Super, only to "graduate" to the more popular Shōnen Sunday, where they are still published currently.

When works from this magazine are collected into tankōbon format, they are published under the same Shōnen Sunday Comics label as the titles that appear in Weekly Shōnen Sunday, making the titles' source magazine indistinguishable once collected. This was purposefully done in case a title was transferred from Shōnen Sunday Super to Weekly Shōnen Sunday.

Frequently artists that have graduated to Weekly Shōnen Sunday will have posters or calendars of their weekly series featured in Shōnen Sunday Super. Another common practice is for former Shōnen Sunday Super manga artists to contribute a single supplemental chapter of a hit series to this magazine, even if that series was serialized entirely in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. Examples include Cheeky Angel and D-Live!! (pictured above), which both had a chapter published in Shōnen Sunday Super following their conclusion in Weekly Shōnen Sunday.[2]

Past seriesEdit


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