Shō Ken (尚 賢, Shō Ken, October 15, 1625 – October 19, 1647) was the 9th king of the Ryukyu Kingdom, who ruled from 1641 to 1647.

Shō Ken
King of Ryūkyū
PredecessorShō Hō
SuccessorShō Shitsu
BornUmimatsugani (思松金)
(1625-10-15)October 15, 1625
DiedOctober 19, 1647(1647-10-19) (aged 22)
Shō Ken (尚賢)
HouseSecond Shō dynasty
FatherShō Hō
MotherIri no Aji-ganashi

Shō Ken was the third son of Shō Hō. He had two elder brothers named Shō Kyō (尚恭) and Shō Bun (尚文), but both of them died before their father. So Shō Ken became the heir apparent of the kingdom, and was given Kume and Nakagusuku magiri as his domain. After Shō Hō's death, Shō Ken was installed as the king.

Many of the Sakishima Beacons were built during his reign.


Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Ryūkyū
Succeeded by