Sgt. Ernesto 'Boy' Ybañez: Tirtir Gang

Sgt. Ernesto 'Boy' Ybañez: Tirtir Gang, or simply Tirtir Gang, is a 1988 Filipino action film co-written and directed by Willy Milan and starring Sonny Parsons as the titular character. It also stars Eddie Garcia, Vivian Foz, Charlie Davao, Romy Diaz, Lucita Soriano, Carol Dauden, Renato del Prado, and Fernan Morato. Produced by Double M Films International, the film was released on July 28, 1988.

Sgt. Ernesto 'Boy' Ybañez: Tirtir Gang
Directed byWilly Milan
Written by
  • Wilfredo Milan
  • Bonnie Paredes
  • Irma Lucelo
Music byWilly Yusi
CinematographyVer Dauz
Edited byPat Ramos
Double M Films International
Release date
  • July 28, 1988 (1988-07-28)

Critic Lav Diaz gave Tirtir Gang a negative review, criticizing its confusing characterizations and implausible action scenes which undercuts its assertion of being based on true events.


  • Sonny Parsons as Sgt. Ernesto 'Boy' Ybañez
  • Eddie Garcia as Greg, head of the syndicate
  • Vivian Foz as Chedeng
  • Charlie Davao as Waldo
  • Romy Diaz as Sgt. Macaroyo
  • Lucita Soriano as Coching
  • Carol Dauden as Grace
  • Renato del Prado as Tata
  • Fernan Morato as Henry
  • Ross Olgado as Col. Cruz
  • Mario Escudero as a police reporter
  • Fred Moro as a Tirtir gang member
  • Manny Doria as Manny
  • Marco Polo as Tisoy
  • Garry Garcia as Garry
  • Ben 'Pinoy' Sagmit as Ben Bisay
  • Bong Varona as Bong
  • Robert Miller as Robert
  • Jimmy Reyes
  • Robert Talby as Roberto
  • Vic Varrion as a policeman
  • Alex Dona
  • Dave Moreno as a policeman
  • Roland Dantes as Col. Nabiula
  • Usman Hassim as Erning Bakal
  • Danny Riel
  • Belo Borja
  • Ernie David
  • Pons de Guzman as a judge


Tirtir Gang was released on July 28, 1988.[1][2]

Critical responseEdit

Lav Diaz, writing for the Manila Standard, gave Tirtir Gang a negative review. He criticized the film's confusing depiction of its characters, highlighting the main character Ybañez as being depicted a good man but is shown throughout the story hanging around his criminal friends, neglecting his family, and committing adultery with a hostess, resulting in an unconvincing film. Diaz also noted that because the film is based on a true story, the excessive action scenes and the implausible depiction of a tactically poor Sparrow Unit, a revolutionary group of the New People's Army, negatively underscores the artistic liberties taken by the film.[3]


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