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Seychelles Nation

The Seychelles Nation is a daily newspaper in the Seychelles. It is now considered to be the national newspaper of Seychelles and is published from Mondays to Saturdays by the National Information Services Agency (NISA).[1] The Seychelles Nation covers national, regional, sports and international news. It is the government's mouthpiece as it carries reports on all government related issues. It has 20 colored pages on weekdays [2] and the Weekend Nation, as it is called on Saturdays, has 24 pages. The director and editor Robert Andre, who is also the most senior journalist of the staff.[3]

The newspaper carries a selection of feature stories on specific days and these are human interest, education, agriculture, sports, health, family and games. Letters and views from the readers on any subject and issues deemed constructive and informative are also published. Eleven pages of the newsprint is dedicated to advertisements and advertorials every day.[4]


After independence from Great Britain on June 29, 1976, the newspaper, then called Seychelles Bulletin, changed its name to Nation.[5] In January 1984, the paper was renamed Seychelles Nation. On January 4, 2012, the paper's design underwent a complete overhaul.

The paper is widely distributed to government ministries, departments, businesses, airlines and hotels, as well as subscribers. It has the widest circulation in the country, of between 3500 and 4000 copies.[6] It is distributed every day to all the main islands from its office in the centre of Victoria and distribution points around Mahé.


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