Sewell Moody

Sewell Prescott "Sue" Moody (1834 – November 4, 1875) was a carpenter and Yankee trader from Maine, United States. He bought the Moodyville Sawmill Co. in 1865 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada which was facing bankruptcy and established Moodyville, the first European settlement on the Burrard Inlet.

Sewell Prescott Moody
Sewell Moody.jpg
Born1834 (1834)
DiedNovember 4, 1875(1875-11-04) (aged 40–41)

He was born in Hartland, Maine in 1834 to Joshua Moody and Amy Kendall Bowley. Moody married Janet Watson (1849-1901) and had two children, Florence and Sewell Prescott Jr. He died in the November 4, 1875 sinking of the passenger steamer SS Pacific.


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