Sevil is a common feminine Turkish given name. "Sevil" derives from "Sev". In Turkish, "Sev" means "to Love" and "Sevil" means the "be Loved".

Gender: Male/Female
Origin: Turkish
Meaning: "be Loved"
Related Names: Sevgi, Sevim, Sevin, Sevinç

In contexts in which Spanish terms are anglicized, "Sevil" can be an anglicization of "Seville", the city of Sevilla (as in "Sevil plate", silver money from Sevilla).



  • Sevil (1928 play), a 1928 by Azerbaijani playwright Jafar Jabbarly
  • Sevil, a 1929 film by Alexander Bek-Nazarov, based on the play
  • Sevil, a 1953 opera by Azerbaijani composer Fikret Amirov
  • Sevil, a 1970 opera film by Vladimir Gorikker

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