Severan dynasty family tree

This is a family tree of the Severan dynasty of the Roman Empire.

Detailed family tree edit

Septimius Macer
Gaius Claudius Septimius AperFulvius PiusLucius Septimius Severus
Publius Septimius AperGaius Septimius AperFulvia PiaPublius Septimius GetaSeptimia PollaJulius Bassianus
SeptimiusPublius Septimius GetaSeptimia OctavillaPaccia Marciana (1)Septimius Severus
(r. 193–211)[i]
Julia Domna (2)Julia MaesaGaius Julius Avitus Alexianus
Gaius Septimius Severus AperFulvia PlautillaCaracalla
(r. 197–217)[ii]
(r. 209–211)[iii]
Julia SoaemiasSextus Varius MarcellusJulia Avita MamaeaUnknown[iv] (2)
Julia Cornelia Paula (1)Aquilia Severa (2 and 4)Elagabalus
(r. 218–222)[v]
Annia Faustina (3)Sallustia OrbianaSeverus Alexander
(r. 222–235)[v]

  • (1) = 1st spouse
  • (2) = 2nd spouse
  • (3) = 3rd spouse
  • (4) = 4th spouse
  • Dark green indicates an emperor of the Severan dynasty


Except where otherwise noted, the notes below indicate that an individual's parentage is as shown in the above family tree.
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