Sergey Vasilyevich Parkhomenko (Russian: Сергей Васильевич Пархоменко, Belarusian: Сяргей Васільевіч Пархоменка, romanizedSyarhyey Vasilyevich Parkhomyenka; born October 8, 1976), known professionally as Seryoga (Russian: Серёга), is a Belarusian rapper and the owner of the KingRing record label.

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Background information
Birth nameSergey Vasilyevich Parkhomenko
Also known asAyvengo, Poligraf SharikOFF
Born (1976-10-08) October 8, 1976 (age 44)
Gomel, Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union
GenresHip hop, rap rock
Occupation(s)Rapper, record producer, actor
Instrumentsrapping, singing
Years active2002–present
Associated actsST1M, Max Lorens, Satsura


Parkhomenko was born in Gomel, Byelorussia. The moniker "Seryoga" derives from his first name, Sergey, and is one of the nickname forms commonly used for that name. As a child, Seryoga grew up in a rough neighborhood; his music became a combination of the Russian folk tradition of chastushki, which features song-poems with rapid fire rhyming lyrics, with modern beats and rap-style lyrics appealing to youth. In press releases, this style was called спортивные частушки (sports chastushki).

Before his solo career Seryoga was part of "Контра да Банда" (Kontra da Banda), a hip-hop group that was established in 2001 in Gomel. He also was part of the ТТ-34 group for several months and later participated in the group's music video for the song "Бум" (Boom).

Seryoga released his first solo single "Загубили Лялю" (Ruined Laila) in the summer of 2002.[1] In 2003, the record label "Монолит" (Monolit) released the CD Maxi single of "Загубили Лялю" with 5 tracks in Russia and Belarus.

After he first appeared on Ukrainian television with music videos for "Загубили Лялю" and "Кукла" (Doll), Serygoa was dubbed the "Slavic Eminem" by the media.

In February 2004, Seryoga started a show on the Ukrainian music channel М-1. In April 2004, the record label MFG/BMG Ukraine released Seryoga's debut solo album "Мой двор: свадьбы & похороны" (My neighborhood: weddings & funerals) in Ukraine. The album was simultaneously released in the Belarus by the record label Go Records. The album came out several weeks later in Russia, where it was titled "Мой двор. Спортивные частушки" (My neighborhood. Sports chastushki).

Seryoga's popularity soared with the release of his third single, "Чёрный Бумер" (Chyorniy Bumer, meaning Black Bimmer). The "Чёрный Бумер" music video was shot in the summer of 2004 by Ukrainian director Vladimir Yakimenko (Pistolet Film) and premiered on September 15, 2004 in Kyiv, Ukraine. This song and video were immediately nominated for the MTV Russia Russian Music Awards in the categories "best hip-hop project of the year" and "best debut of the year". By the end of 2004, "Чёрный Бумер" became the top hit on MTV's music charts for Russia.

In March 2005, the music video for the song "King Ring" was shot in Kyiv. The song was written for the feature film "Shadowboxing" and included on its soundtrack. Later that year, Seryoga released a new music video for the song "Дискомалярия" (Disco malaria). In the video, a shift in Seryoga's public persona can be seen, with him moving away from his "ordinary guy" image to more of a glamorized hip-hop artist image.

In the beginning of 2006, the film Day Watch came out in theaters, the sequel to the blockbuster hit Night Watch from two years earlier. The film's soundtrack featured Seryoga's new song "Мел судьбы или Песня Тамерлана" (Mel sudby ili Pesnya Tamerlana, English: "Chalk of Destiny or Timur's song") as the theme song.

In Germany, Seryoga gained popularity after he collaborated on the song "2 Kaiser" with the German rapper Azad. After a successful collaboration with Azad, Seryoga worked together with the German rapper Megaloh and also recorded the song "In Da City" with German rap group Culcha Candela.[2]

Seryoga's song King Ring was chosen by Rockstar Games to be the background music of the Third Trailer for their video game Grand Theft Auto IV, titled Move up, Ladies[3] and is also featured in the game on its "Vladivostok FM" radio station. He was also contracted to compose a track for The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV (the music CD included with the special edition of GTA IV) entitled Liberty City: The Invasion,[4] which is also featured on the in-game radio station.

Seryoga provided the voice acting of Moto Moto in the Russian dub of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

His song "Дискомалярия" can be briefly heard in the 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon during a scene in which the protagonists accompany Russian cosmonauts in a Russian bar, although it did not appear on the film's official soundtrack.[citation needed] His song "2 Kaiser" can also be heard in the 2014 film The Equalizer in the scene where the protagonist Robert McCall confronts a Russian pimp and his men in a Russian restaurant.

Political positionEdit

In 2021, Parkhomenko has publicly declared his support to the authoritarian ruler of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka, whom he described as “the keeper of the [political] balance [in Belarus]”.[5]

Despite a large number of well-documented gross human rights abuses in Belarus in 2020-21,[6] Parhomenka describes the place as "peaceful and orderly", with "infrastructure that works" and "a large number of people with happy faces".[5]

Later, in July 2021 he said that he would like to shake Alexander Lukashenka’s hand and also praised Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin calling him “a great humanist"[7]


Studio albumsEdit

  • 2004 – Moy Dvor (Russian: My Hood)
    • Moy Dvor: Svad'by i pokhoriny (Ukraine and Belarus) (2004)
    • Moy Dvor: Sportivnye chastushki (Russia) (2004)

Track list:

  1. Govorila mama vecherom synochku (Momma told the son at night)
  2. Kukla (Doll) – feat. Max Lorens
  3. Ryzhy (Red-Head)
  4. Pesenka o slesare shestogo razryada
  5. Gimn boleyshikov FC "Spartak"
  6. Suka-iuda
  7. Vykhodila Manya zamuzh (Manya Got Married)
  8. A na tantspole netu svobodnykh mest (There's no space on the dancefloor)
  9. Chorniy Bumer (Black Beamer)
  10. Deti Moskvy (Kids Of Moscow)
  11. Голуби (Doves) – feat. Satsura
  12. Zagubili lyalyu
  • 2005 – Дискомалярия (Discomaliaria)
    • Дискомалярия (standard edition) (2005)
    • Дискомалярия (deluxe edition) (2005)
    • Дискомалярия: Большая порция (2006)
    • $1000000: Самая Большая Порция (collectors edition) (2007)

Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. 2 Kaiser (feat. Azad)
  3. Barbeque
  4. Gangsta No More
  5. Mr. Perfect (feat. Rapturous)
  6. Disco Malaria (feat. Eveleena)
  7. Old Schooler (feat. Sacura)
  8. I'm In Love With A Russian Boy
  9. Mon Beat (feat. Skuril)
  10. Disco Malaria (Russian Version)
  11. Superbotanic full track
  12. Kukla full track
  13. Gangsta Rap (feat. Eveleena)
  14. Kepka (A Tribute to Kangol 504)
  15. King Ring
  • 2007 – Не для продажи (Ne Dlya Prodazhi) (Russian: Not for sale, as Ayvengo)
  • 2008 – Хроника парнишки с гомельских улиц (Khronika Parnishki S Gomel'skikh Ulits) (Russian: The Chronicles of a Kid From the Streets of Gomel)

Track list:

  1. Sidi i slushay (Sit And Listen)
  2. Skit ot Khaby Kazanskogo (Skit from Haba Kazansky)
  3. Parnishka s ulitsy (Guy From Streets)
  4. Dobav' skorost' (Add The Speed)
  5. Moyo pokoleniye (My Generation) – feat. Satsura
  6. Mne s toboyu khorosho (It's Good With You)
  7. Show dolzhno prodolzat'sya (The Show Must Go On)
  8. Quasimodo Skit
  9. Quasimodo – feat. Satsura
  10. Korabli (Ships)
  11. Mon Ami – feat. Max Lorens
  12. Vtorzheniye (The Invansion) (GTA IV soundtrack)
  13. Vyshe neba tol'ko nebo (Sky is the limit) – feat. Aleksandr Marshal
  14. Igra (Game)
  15. Chiki (Chicks)
  16. Olya i SPID (Olya & AIDS) – feat. Vladimir Zhirinovsky / China-town (hidden track)


  • 2005 – А на танцполе нет свободных мест (remix album)
  • 2006 – Russia's No.1
  • 2008 – The Best of Seryoga


  • 2003 – Загубили Лялю
  • 2004 – Чёрный бумер
  • 2005 – Возле дома твоегo feat. Макс Лоренс & Сацура
  • 2005 – Дискомалярия
  • 2005 – KING RING
  • 2005 – Barbeque
  • 2005 – Diskomalaria VLS
  • 2006 – 2 Kaiser (feat. Azad)
  • 2007 – Летняя песня feat.Макс Лоренс
  • 2007 – Рэп vs. СПИД (feat. Владимир Жириновский)
  • 2007 – $1000000
  • 2007 – Я рэп feat. St1m
  • 2007 – Gangsta No More CDS
  • 2007 – Gangsta No More VLS
  • 2007 – Чики
  • 2008 – Мне с тобою хорошо
  • 2008 – Шоу Должно Продолжаться (Музыка Queen – Show must go on) (гимн телешоу «Король Ринга–2» на Первом канале).
  • 2008 – Про Модных Девчонок (Г. П. Т. R’N’B) (feat. «Подиум»)
  • 2008 – Liberty City. The Invasion (OST GTA IV)
  • 2008 – Твой город не спит (DJ Shevtsov & DJ Miller ft. Макс Лоренс)
  • 2009 – Тектоник
  • 2009 – Выше неба feat. РИ
  • 2009 – Кружим
  • 2009 – Кружим 2
  • 2009 – К Элизе feat.ПМ
  • 2010 – С новым годом,СНГ! feat.Маша Малиновская
  • 2010 – Иваново
  • 2011 – Осколки
  • 2013 – Tuman
  • 2013 – Lubliuy


  • 2003 – Загубили Лялю
  • 2003 – Кукла
  • 2004 – Чёрный Бумер
  • 2004 – Песенка о слесаре шестого разряда
  • 2004 – Бум! (TT-34 featuring Seryoga)
  • 2005 – King Ring
  • 2005 – Дискомалярия
  • 2005 – Возле дома твоего
  • 2005 – $1000000
  • 2006 – Мел судьбы
  • 2006 – 2 Kaiser (featuring Azad)
  • 2007 – RAP vs. СПИД (featuring ВВЖ)
  • 2007 – Ein Teil von Mir (Sido featuring Seryoga & B-Tight)
  • 2007 – Я – рэп (featuring St1m)
  • 2007 – Gangsta No More
  • 2007 – Отчего (Ri featuring Seryoga)
  • 2007 – Аггробабруйск
  • 2007 – Чики
  • 2007 – Про модных девчёнок и не модных ребят (featuring Podium)
  • 2008 – Позови меня (featuring Alexa)
  • 2008 – Шоу должно продолжаться
  • 2008 – Liberty City: The Invasion[8]
  • 2009 – Кружим
  • 2009 – К Элизе (feat. ПМ)
  • 2009 – C Новым годом, СНГ! (feat. Маша Малиновская)
  • 2009 – Холодно (feat. Ri)
  • 2009 – Корабли


  • 2005 – MTV Russia Music Awards 2005 – Best hip-hop/rap/project of R'n'B.
  • 2005 – MTV Russia Music Awards 2005 – best ringtone.
  • 2005 – The National Music Award "Muz-TV" – "Best Ringtone"
  • 2005 – "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Black Boomer." (Черный бумер)
  • 2006 – "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Next to your house." (Возле дома твоего)
  • 2007 – "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Million United States Dollar." (Миллион долларов США)


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