Series ducum Bavariae

The Series ducum Bavariae ("Series of Dukes of Bavaria") is a Latin regnal list of the Duchy of Bavaria compiled between 1250 and 1273.[1] It covers the succession to the duchy from a semi-legendary "Theodo I" in 514 to 1244, when Otto II Wittelsbach was duke.

The autograph survives in Vienna MS 413. Copies are found in Vienna MSS 546 and 380 and Clm 18770, 14053 and 14594.[1]

The Series is an important source for these early dukes, but it is frequently unsynchronised with the earlier chronicles. About the Agilolfing dynasty it states that the dux primus (first duke) was Theodo I and gives his year as 514. It then lists Theodo II, Garibald I (Garibaldus rex), Tassilo I, Theodo III (quem sanctus Ruodbertus baptizavit, "whom Saint Rupert baptised"), Theodebert, Theodo IV (qui cum filiis sanctum Corbiniacum locavit Frisinge, "who with the sons of Saint Corbinian chose the location of Freising"), Theobald, Grimoald (Theobald's nephew, fratris filius), Hugpert, Udilo (cum Theodone frater, "with Theodo his brother"), Thassilo dux II (cum filio eius Theodone, "with his son Theodo").



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