Italian Hockey League - Serie A

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Italian Hockey League - Serie A, formerly known as Serie A, is the top tier of professional ice hockey in Italy, which first began play in 1925. They are conducted under the authority of the Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio (FISG). As in the other top-level Italian sports leagues, the winners of the IHL - Serie A will wear the Scudetto the following season. The league's cup is known as the Rbk Hockey Cup to reflect Reebok's sponsorship of the league. The league initially merged with the Inter-National League to become the Alps Hockey League in 2016.[1]

IHL - Serie A
Lega Italiana Hockey su Ghiaccio (logo).jpg
Lega Italiana Hockey su Ghiaccio
SportIce hockey
No. of teams7
Most recent
Asiago Hockey
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The league was known as Elite.A during the 2013–14 season,[2] and as Italian Hockey League - Elite during the 2017-2018 season.[3]

Playing formatEdit

  • First part: "Regular season" - Every team plays four matches (2 home and 2 on the road) against each other. Team points are then halved and the second part begins.
  • Second part: "Master round/Relegation round" - Teams are divided into two groups, the master round (Group A) with the top 4 teams and the relegation round (Group B) with the last 5 teams. Every team plays two matches (1 home and 1 on the road) against the teams of its group. In the end, the final standings determine the playoff tree. 8 teams access to the playoff: the 4 teams in Group A and the best 4 teams in Group B). The last one of the relegation round ends the season sooner but it won't play in the lower division next year, since no movements from one division to another are foreseen.
  • Third part: "Play Off" - Quarterfinals: 1A vs 4B, 2A vs 3B, 3A vs 2B, 4A vs 1B. Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals will be played at the best of 5.

Points: Win 2 points - Tie 1 point

Serie A championsEdit

¹ AC Milanese DG, Milan-Inter HC and Diavoli HC Milano are teams which were born from the disbanding of HC Milano & HC Diavoli Rossoneri Milano.
² HC Devils Milano adopted the name 'AC Milan Hockey' for the 1993-94 season.

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