Serbian Patriotic Alliance

The Serbian Patriotic Alliance (Serbian: Српски патриотски савез, romanizedSrpski patriotski savez; abbr. СПАС SPAS; literally "salvation") is a conservative, right-wing populist political party in Serbia that is led by Aleksandar Šapić.

Serbian Patriotic Alliance

Српски патриотски савез
Srpski patriotski savez
PresidentAleksandar Šapić
FoundedMarch 2010 (Local level)
21 July 2018 (National level)
HeadquartersBulevar Milutina Milankovića 120b,
Political positionRight-wing[4][5][6][7][8]
Colours  Blue
National Assembly
10 / 250
Assembly of Vojvodina
0 / 120
City Assembly of Belgrade
12 / 110


Formation and early historyEdit

The party's predecessor was founded in 2010 under the name of "Movement of United Local Self-Governments" (Serbian: Покрет уједињених локалних самоуправа, romanizedPokret ujedinjenih lokalnih samouprava) and it represented a local civic group from Kraljevo which was formed out of many local parties and movements. After the government reshuffle in 2013, they became a part of the majority that governed the municipality. In early 2015, they became a part of the "Patriotic bloc" which was led by Dveri and the Democratic Party of Serbia.[9] After the dissolution of the coalition in 2016, they continued to compete independently.

Party reconstructionEdit

One of the candidates for the 2018 Belgrade election was Aleksandar Šapić, a long-time President of the New Belgrade municipality as well as a former water polo player who announced that he will be forming a civic group for the election.[10] Šapić formally announced that his coalition will cooperate with the government and the opposition too. His list ended up getting 9.01% of the vote and 12 seats in the City Assembly.[11] After the election in 2018, Šapić's list and PULS announced the formation of the new political party which was later named "Serbian Patriotic Alliance". After the formation, Šapić commented that "the party will not be pro-American, pro-Russian or pro-French and that it will be a pro-Serbian party that will fight for its national interests".[12]

Modern periodEdit

SPAS previously declared itself as an opponent to the current government, they also declined any type of a coalition with other parties, with the desire to participate independently in the upcoming elections.[13][14][15] They participated in the 2020 parliamentary election in which they placed third with 3.83% of the vote and 11 seats in the National Assembly.[16] After the negotiations with the SNS-led coalition, they accepted the offer to join the new government in October.[17] Ratko Dmitrović was then chosen as the new Minister for Families and Demographics in the newly elected Government of Serbia.[18] Former Dveri leader, Vladan Glišić got chosen as a member of the presidency and served until his removal from the party in July 2020.[19][20]

Presidents of the Serbian Patriotic AllianceEdit

No. President Birth–Death Term start Term end
1 Aleksandar Šapić   1978– 21 July 2018 Incumbent

Electoral resultsEdit

Parliamentary electionsEdit

National Assembly of Serbia
Year Popular vote % of popular vote # of seats Seat change Status
2020 123,393 3.83%
11 / 250
  11 government


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