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Seraphim Digital is an American post-production studio located in Houston, Texas. It was founded as Industrial Smoke & Mirrors, the in-house studio to ADV Films. It was renamed ADV Studios in 2005. Afterwards in 2006, when ADV began offering its services to other companies' the studio was renamed called Amusement Park Media before it was sold off by A.D. Vision.[1] It was then renamed Seraphim Digital. The studio is best known for producing English language dubs of Japanese anime series and live action Japanese films released by ADV Films, Sentai Filmworks, Switchblade Pictures and Maiden Japan.[2] Other notable clients include Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Microsoft, PBS and Toei Animation.[3]

Seraphim Digital
IndustryADR production, post-production, localization (translation and subtitling)
Founded1995 (as Industrial Smoke & Mirrors)
2005 (as ADV Studios)
2006 (as Amusement Park Media)
2009 (as Seraphim Digital)
HeadquartersHouston, Texas,
United States
ParentAEsir Media
DivisionsSection23 Films, Anime Network

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