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Septemvri (Bulgarian: Септември) is a Bulgarian professional association football club based in Sofia, who compete in the Second League, the second tier of Bulgarian football. Its home ground is the Septemvri Stadium, but due to its poor condition the team plays its home matches at the Bistritsa Stadium and 57th Public School's FIFA-certified football field.

PFC Septemvri Sofia
Full nameProfessional Football Club Septemvri
Nickname(s)The Blue-Reds
The Septembrians
Founded5 November 1944; 76 years ago (1944-11-05)
GroundStadion Dragalevtsi, Sofia
ChairmanRumen Chandarov
ManagerHristo Arangelov
LeagueSecond League
2020-21Second League, 3rd
WebsiteClub website

The club's biggest success to date is the winning of the Bulgarian Cup in 1960 and finishing 5th in the Bulgarian first division during the same season. Septemvri is known for its strong youth academy, which over the years has developed numerous players for Bulgaria's elite clubs and the national team.


Early agesEdit

On November 5, 1944 the clubs Sportclub Sofia, Sokol and Vazrazhdane unite under the name of FC Septemvri Sofia. On March 26, 1945, the additional clubs of Botev (Konyovitsa), Ustrem (Zaharna fabrika), Pobeda (Krasna Polyana), and Svoboda (Tri kladentsi) merge into the club. In May 1948, the club, then playing in the 1st Sofia Division, is briefly merged with second-division CDV/Chavdar (Sofia) and the unified club wins the 1948 Bulgarian Championship by overcoming Levski Sofia in the final.[1]

FC Septemvri's roots prior to merging with CSKA Sofia (see lower right corner)

Septemvri starts the 1948–49 season in the newly formed A Republican Football Group, but only six months later is separated from CDV (Chavdar) and removed from the division, with the current title given to CDNV, Chavdar's new name, which would ultimately become CSKA Sofia. At the end of the 1948–49 season, Septemvri is allowed to take part in a two-match play-off for entering first division against Marek Dupnitsa. After both matches end with a 2:0 win for each team, a third game is played in which Septemvri falls 1:0 and remains in second division.

From 1949 to 1969, Septemvri exists as an independent club, during which period it reaches the height of its success. In 1959, the club finishes first in the B PFG and is promoted to first division for the 1959–60 season. That same season, Septemvri finishes in 5th place and claims the Bulgarian Cup after a dramatic 4:3 win over Lokomotiv Sofia in extra time. The club's stay among the elite lasts only two years, as in 1961 it is relegated to the B PFG, where it remains until 1968.

In 1969, during another period of football reform in Bulgaria, Septemvri was again merged into CSKA Sofia. This unification continued for almost 20 years, until 1988, when the club became independent again and joined the V AFG. In 1993, Septemvri won a promotion to the B PFG. In 1998, the club became the champion of the B PFG and joined the elite for the first time since 1961. It finished in 16th place and was relegated again.


During the 2000–01 season, the club finished in 13th place in the B PFG and was relegated to the V AFG, where it remained until 2008. In March 2008, the club was heavily penalized after a scandalous match against FC Bansko, when coach Rumen Stoyanov ordered his players to leave the field, a serious offence according to Bulgarian Football Union regulations.[2] With an executive decision, the BFU removed Septemvri from the V AFG and placed it in the A OFG, the Sofia Regional Football Group.[3] Despite this setback, the club attained 1st place in the division in the 2008–09 season and qualified for a play-off match for entering the V AFG against FC Novi Iskar.[4] After an emotional 0–0 in regular time, penalty kicks were in order to determine the team going forward. Septemvri lost the penalty shootout 5–4.[5]

Chandarov era (2015–present)Edit

Merge with DIT academy and Pirin Razlog (2015–2017)Edit

In 2015, Rumen Chandarov, owner of DIT Sport Academy, one of the best Bulgarian football academies in the last few years, announced that he is the new owner of Septemvri, with the goal of getting the young players to compete in the First Professional Football League of Bulgaria. The team merged with Conegliano German and started the 2015–16 season from V Group. Nikolay Mitov was appointed as a manager of the team. In the end of the 2015 it was decided that the team will give a bigger chance to their U19 players, so most of the players who joined in the season start left and only seven players left, but 18 players joined from the U19 team which was third in the Elite Youth Group by the end of 2015. Some media announced that Chandarov will stop financing the team also due to the fact that he started financing Botev Plovdiv, but Chandarov said that this is not true and the only reason to do this is to make youth players enter the men's football.[6]

On 24 June 2016, Pirin Razlog merged into PFC Septemvri Sofia. From the new season 2016–17 Septemvri will compete in the new Second League, the second division of Bulgarian football.[7] Septemvri returned and in the Bulgarian Cup and draw the Bulgarian First League team Beroe Stara Zagora. They won the match on 21 September 2016 with 2–0, goals scored by Georgi Stoichkov and Petar Tonchev.[8] The team finished their season in Second League in 2nd place two points behind the winners of the group — Etar and qualified for the Promotion playoffs against elite member Montana.[9] The team won the playoff on 3 June 2017 with 2–1 final result and returned to the top level after 19 years.[10]

Return to First Professional League (2017–present)Edit

On 8 June 2017, Dimitar Vasev was announced as the manager who would lead the team in their return to the First League with Hristo Arangelov, the caretaker manager after Nikolay Mitov, as his first assistant.[11] The team announced that they would play to Vasil Levski National Stadium until their Septemvri Stadium is built.[12] Later, the club owner Rumen Chandarov revealed that the team would play at Bistritsa Stadium after the stadium gained a First League licence, since he didn't want Septemvri to play in front of empty seats.[13][14] Septemvri's first match was against Dunav Ruse on 17 July and the team lost the match 0–2.[15] Week later Septemvri won their second match against Pirin with Boris Galchev scoring the winning goal.[16] After four defeats in five games, Vasev was released and Nikolay Mitov returned in charge after his release from Levski Sofia.[17] Septemvri finished the half season in 10th place with 23 points after a 2–1 win over Cherno More.[18]

On 20 February 2018, Septemvri's executive director Georgi Markov died aged 46, three years after he suffered a heart attack.[19]

Septemvri secured their place in First League on 15 April 2018 after a 0–2 win over Dunav Ruse and qualified for European play-off quarter-finals.

Septemvri could not avoid relegation in the next season, however, as they were relegated after losing in the relegation playoffs to FC Arda Kardzhali , 0-1. This ended their two year stay in the Bulgarian elite.[20]

Back in the second tier after two seasons in the elite, Septemvri managed to maintain their good form and remained largely within the top three in the Second League, a strong candidate for promotion. The 2019-20 season was eventually not finished, due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Bulgaria. The last matches were played in early March. At that time, Septemvri was second in the league, three points behind CSKA 1948. This means that Septemvri will face the 13th placed team from the First League in a promotion playoff.


Season by seasonEdit

As of 28 May 2021[21]
Season Division Place Bulgarian Cup
1944-45 1ª Sofia 5th Did not play
1945-46 1ª Sofia 7th Did not play
1946-47 1ª Sofia 4th Did not play
1947-48 1ª Sofia 1st Pre-limited
1948 A Group 4th Did not play
1949 B Group 2nd Did not play
1950 B Group 7th Did not play
1952 A RFG 1st Did not play
1953 B Group 11th Did not play
Season Division Place Bulgarian Cup
1954 B Group 3rd Did not play
1955 B Group 2nd Did not play
1956 B Group 1st Did not play
1957 B Group 3rd Did not play
1958 B Group 4th Did not play
1958–59 B Group 1st Did not play
1959–60 A Group 5th Winner
1960–61 A Group 14th Quarter-finals
1961–62 B Group 3rd Did not play
1962–63 B Group 2nd Round of 16
Season Division Place Bulgarian Cup
1963–64 B Group 3rd Round of 16
1964–65 B Group 2nd Quarter-finals
1965–66 B Group 2nd Did not play
1966–67 B Group 11th Did not play
1967–68 B Group 10th Did not play
1969–88 merge with CSKA
1988–89 V Group 17th Did not play
1989–90 A RFG 1st Did not play
1990–91 A RFG 1st Did not play
Season Division Place Bulgarian Cup
1991–92 V Group 4th Quarter-finals
1992–93 V Group 1st Pre-limited
1993–94 B Group 4th Pre-limited
1994–95 B Group 4th Did not play
1995–96 B Group 10th Quarter-finals
1996–97 B Group 12th Pre-limited
1997–98 B Group 1st Round of 16
1998–99 A Group 16th Quarter-finals
1999–00 B Group 9th Round of 16
2000–01 B Group 13th Pre-limited
2001–02 V Group 3rd Did not play
Season Division Place Bulgarian Cup
2002–03 V Group 2nd Did not play
2003–04 B Group 13th Round of 16
2004–05 V Group 10th Did not play
2005–06 V Group 10th Did not play
2006–07 V Group 8th Did not play
2007–08 V Group 20th Did not play
2008–09 A RFG 1st Did not play
2009–10 A RFG 1st Did not play
2010–11 V Group 8th Did not play
2011–12 V Group 13th Did not play
2012–13 V Group 14th Did not play
Season Division Place Bulgarian Cup
2013–14 V Group 16th Did not play
2014–15 A RFG 4th Did not play
2015–16 V Group 8th Did not play
2016–17 Second 2nd 2nd Round
2017–18 First 10th 2nd Round
2018–19 First 12th Semi-finals
2019–20 Second 2nd Round of 16
2020–21 Second 3rd Round of 16
2021–22 Second Qualified

Last 5 seasonsEdit

Season League Place W D L GF GA Pts Bulgarian Cup
2016–17 Second League (II) 2 17 8 5 52 26 59 Second Round
2017–18 First League (I) 10 12 5 15 32 48 41 Second Round
2018–19 First League 12 12 6 19 41 62 42 Semi-finals
2019–20 Second League (II) 2 17 1 2 47 19 52 Round of 16
2020–21 Second League 3 17 5 8 54 29 56 Round of 16
Green marks a season followed by promotion, red a season followed by relegation.

League positionsEdit

Second Professional Football League (Bulgaria)First Professional Football LeagueSecond Professional Football League (Bulgaria)Bulgarian V AFGRegional Amateur Football Groups (Bulgaria)Bulgarian V AFGRegional Amateur Football Groups (Bulgaria)Bulgarian V AFGBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian V AFGBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian V AFGRegional Amateur Football Groups (Bulgaria)Bulgarian V AFGBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian A Football GroupBulgarian B Football GroupBulgarian V AFG



Crest, Shirt and Kit manufacturerEdit

Crest historyEdit

Kits and manufacturersEdit

From 1944 to 1990 team main color is red with white or blue. From 1990 to 2010 team main color is purple, but in the period between 2001 and 2007 they used white with red colors. From 2011 team first kit is dark red.

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt partner
1990–1995   Adidas Canel
1995–1997   Puma
1997–1999 Bingbul
1999–2001   Reusch
2001–2010   Unknown None
2010–2011   Mitre
2011–2013   Givova
2013–2015   Sportika
2015–2017   Joma
2017–   Uhlsport Efbet


Current squadEdit

As of 17 August 2021 Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK   BUL Nikolay Bankov
3 DF   BUL Kaloyan Simeonov
4 DF   BUL Ivan Arsov
5 MF   BUL Georgi Sarmov (captain)
6 FW   BUL Kiril Kirov
7 MF   BUL Tsvetomir Vachev
8 DF   BUL Aleksandar Todorov
10 MF   BUL Atanas Kabov
11 DF   BUL Asparuh Smilkov
12 GK   BUL Pavel Zdravkov
14 FW   MKD Mario Ilievski
15 DF   BUL Angel Granchov
16 MF   BUL Kristiyan Peshov
No. Pos. Nation Player
17 MF   BUL Simeon Aleksandrov
18 MF   BUL Martin Stoychev
19 FW   BUL Kristian Taskov
20 MF   BUL Aleksandar Videnov
21 GK   BUL Bozhidar Mitrev
22 DF   BUL Asen Georgiev
23 DF   BUL Martin Achkov (on loan from Slavia Sofia)
24 MF   BUL Stefan Gavrilov
25 DF   BUL Ivan Stoyanov
26 MF   BUL Martin Filipov
29 MF   ALB Redi Kasa
MF   BUL Dimitar Kostadinov

For recent transfers, see Transfers winter 2020–21 and Transfers summer 2021.

Out on loanEdit

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
No. Pos. Nation Player

Foreign playersEdit

Up to one non-EU national can be registered and given a squad number for the first team in the Second League. Those non-EU nationals with European ancestry can claim citizenship from the nation their ancestors came from. If a player does not have European ancestry he can claim Bulgarian citizenship after playing in Bulgaria for 5 years.

EU Nationals

EU Nationals (Dual citizenship)

Non-EU Nationals

Notable playersEdit

Had international caps for their respective countries, or held any club record. Players whose name is listed in bold represented their countries while playing for Septemvri.

Appearance recordsEdit

Most appearances for the club in First League

As of 1 August 2019
Rank Name Career Appearances
1   Boris Galchev 2017– 65
2   Chris Gadi 2017–2019 49
3   Yanko Georgiev 2017–2019 48
4   Georgi Stoichkov 2016– 46
5   Ishmael Baidoo 2017–2019 45
6   Ivan Tilev 2016– 44
7   Ivan Stoyanov 2017– 39
8   Fabiano Alves 2017–2019 38
9   Asen Chandarov 2017– 37
10   Vasil Dobrev 2017– 33

Most goals for the club in First League

As of 1 August 2019
Rank Name Career Goals
1   Boris Galchev 2017– 14
2   Chris Gadi 2017–2019 13
3   Martin Toshev 2017–2018 11
4   Dimitar Yakimov 1958–1960 10
5   Christopher Mandiangu 2018–2019 6
6   Ishmael Baidoo 2017–2019 5
7   Vladimir Yonkov 2003 4
  Radoslav Vasilev 2016–2017 4
  Asen Chandarov 2016– 4

Club officialsEdit

Board of directorsEdit

Position Name Nationality
President Rumen Chandarov  
Executive Director Vacant
Sports Director Kristiyan Dobrev  
Administrator Irina Gorolomova  
Housekeeper Georgi Aleksandrov  
Director of Youth Academy Vacant  

Current technical bodyEdit

Position Name Nationality
Head Coach Hristo Arangelov  
Assistant Coach Stefan Goshev  
Goalkeeper Coach Hristo Nikolov  
Physical Coach Georgi Petrov  
Physical Coach Yasen Ekimov  
Physiotherapist Lyubomir  
Physiotherapist Mircho Kraynov  
U19 Coach Dimitar Stoilov  
U17 Coach Hristian Voinov  
U15 Coach Kiril Kirilov  

Manager historyEdit

Dates Name Honours
1944–1946   Dimitar Dimitrov
1946   Milos Strujka
1947–1948   Hristo Nelkov
1948–1949   Anton Kuzmanov
1951–1953   Ivan Radoev
1953–1957   Atanas Dinev
1957–1959   Lozan Kotsev
1959–1961   Trendafil Stankov 99991 Bulgarian Cup
1961–1964   Sergy Yotsov
1964–1969   Stoyan Petrov
1969–1988 merged with CSKA Sofia
1988–1990   Alyosha Dimitrov
1990–1992   Angel Rangelov
1992–1993   Pavel Panov
1993–1994   Sergey Todorov
1994–1995   Stefan Grozdanov
Dates Name Honours
1995   Yordan Yordanov
1995–2000   Pavel Panov (2)
2000–2003   Bisser Hazday
2003–2005   Rumen Traykov
2006–2007   Rumen Stoyanov
2008   Ognyan Abadzhiev
2008–2009   Yordan Yordanov
2009–2010   Mihail Mihailov
2010–2013   Tsvetan Atanasov
2013–2015   Mihail Mihailov (2)
2015–2016   Nikolay Mitov
2016   Hristo Arangelov
2016–2017   Nikolay Mitov (2)
2017   Hristo Arangelov (2)
2017   Dimitar Vasev
2017–2018   Nikolay Mitov (3)
2018–2019   Hristo Arangelov (3)


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