Ui-bin Seong

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Royal Noble Consort Ui of the Changnyeong Seong clan(Hangul:의빈 성씨 ; Hanja: 宜嬪成氏) (6 August 1753 - 4 November 1786) was a concubine of King Jeongjo.

Royal Noble Consort Seong
의빈 성씨
Royal Noble Consort of Joseon
Tenure1782 - 1786
Born6 August 1753
Kingdom of Joseon
Died4 November 1786 (1786-11-05) (aged 33)
Hanseong, Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseKing Jeongjo of Joseon
IssueYi Sun, Crown Prince Munhyo
Unnamed Princess
Unborn child
HouseChangnyeong Seong
FatherSeong Yun-u


The future Royal Noble Consort Ui was born on the August 6, 1753. Her name is Deok-Im (덕임). She was the daughter of Seong Yun-u and Lady Im. Seong Yun-u was the slave of Hong Bong-han, who was the father of Lady Hyegyeong. In 1762, At a ten age, Lady Seong entered the royal palace to be trained as a palace maid. She then became a personal maid of Lady Hyegyeong, who was the mother of King Jeongjo.

In 1766, Jeongjo proposed to the Lady Seong. But she refused it. In 1773, she transcribed《gwagjangyangmunrog》(곽장양문록), which was the Korean novel, with princess Cheongyeon and Cheongseon, who were little sisters of Jeongjo. In 1782, Jeongjo proposed to the Lady Seong again. But she refused it again. So, he punished her slave. After that, they were married.

Jeongjo made Seong Sang-ui (상의). On September 7, 1782, Lady Seong was elevated to the rank of "so-young" (소용, 昭容), after giving birth to a son, Prince Yi Sun (이순). In November 1782, Prince Hyang was granted the name Prince Successor Munhyo and Lady Seong was elevated to the rank of "Bin" (빈, 嬪) with the prefix of "Ui" meaning "appropriate/fitting". On March 20, 1784, Lady Seong gave birth to an unnamed Princess, who died soon after birth.

On July 2, 1784, Prince Successor Munhyo was invested as Crown Prince of Joseon. On May 11, 1786, Crown Prince Munhyo died at the age of 4 years. Four months after the death of her son, Lady Seong died during the tenth month of her third pregnancy. The unborn child died with her. King Jeongjo wrote her epitaph.[1]

Lady Seong was buried along with her son, Crown Prince Munhyo, in Hyochangwon in Seosamneung.[2] Her tomb was originally located in Yong-San (Hyo-Chang Park 孝昌公園), Seoul, but was moved during the forcible Japanese Annexation period in 1944 by the Japanese Government.


  • Father: Seong Yun-u (? - 1782) (성윤우)
    • Grandfather: Seong Gyeong (성경)
  • Mother: Lady Jeungjeonggyeong of the Im clan (증정경부인 임씨)
  • Husband: King Jeongjo of Joseon (28 October 1752 – 18 August 1800) (조선 정조)
    • Son: Yi Sun, Crown Prince Munhyo (13 October 1782 - 6 June 1786) (이순 문효세자)
    • Daughter: Unnamed Princess[3]
    • Child: Unborn child[4]

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