Seol (also spelled as Sul or Sol) is a Korean family name, spelled 설 in hangul and 薛 or 偰 in hanja.

PronunciationSeol, Sul, Sol
Region of originKorea
薛, 偰
Revised RomanizationSeol

People who have this name includeEdit

  • Seol Sa (Won Hyo) (617 – 686), Silla Dynasty monk
  • Seol Chong (650 – 730), Silla Dynasty scholar
  • Seol Woon-Do (born 1958), South Korean singer
  • Seol Kyung-Gu (born 1968), South Korean actor
  • Seol Ji-Yoon (born 1970), South Korean actress
  • Seol Min-Suk (born 1970), South Korean lecturer
  • Seol Mi-Hyun (born 1975), South Korean essayist and environmental engineer
  • Seol Ki-Hyun (born 1979), South Korean football player
  • Seol Ha-Yoon (born 1992), South Korean singer
  • Seol Da-Young (born 1996), South Korean archer
  • Seol In-Ah (born 1996), South Korean actress


The Korean family name Seol can be written with either of two homophonous hanja. Each of those three are broken down into a number of clans, identified by their bon-gwan (clan hometown, not necessarily the actual residence of the clan members), which indicate different lineages.

More common (薛)Edit

(맑은대쑥 설 malgeundaessuk seol) is more common of the two names.

Less common (偰)Edit

(맑을 설 malgeul seol) is less common of the two Seol names.