Seobu Ganseondoro

The Seobu Urban Expressway (Korean: 서부 간선 도로; Seobu Ganseon Doro) is 4-lane highway located in Seoul. South Korea. and part of National Route 1.

nr 1
National Route 1
Seobu Urban Expressay
서부 간선 도로
Route information
Length16.84 km (10.46 mi)
Major junctions
South endKorea Expressway No.15.svg Geumcheon IC, Geumcheon-gu
Major intersectionsSouth Korea road sign 301 (old).svg Gukhoe-daero
Korea Urban Expwy No.88.svg Olympicdaero
Korea Urban Expwy No.70.svg Gangbyeon Expressway
North endSeongsan Br. JCT, Yeongdeungpo-gu
CountrySouth Korea
Highway system

This route connect Seohaean Expressway (Geumcheon Interchange) to Mapo District (Seongsan Bridge), with a total length of 9.8 km (6.1 mi).

The highway is linked to the southwestern Metropolitan area, including Seoul and Anyang, light serves to facilitate transporting the cargo volume and alleviate traffic congestion in the metropolitan area southwest.

But because many roads are narrow roads and interchange without number up or down in the southern Gyeonggi Province cars coming around me and crowded roads and roads are seldom uncomplicated time.


The expressway was built between 1987 and 1991.



  • Geumcheon IC ~ Mokdonggyo IC: 4
  • Mokdonggyo IC ~ Seongsan Bridge: 6


9.8 km (6.1 mi)

Speed LimitsEdit

  • Geumcheon IC ~ Seongsan Bridge: 80 km/h
  • Seongsan Bridge ~ Seongsan IC: 60 km/h

List of facilitiesEdit

  • IC: Interchange, JC: Junction, SA: Service Area, TG: Tollgate
No. Name Korean Name Hanja Name Connections Notes Location
Connected directly with   Seohaean Expressway (서해안고속도로)
IC Geumcheon IC 금천나들목 衿川나들목   Seohaean Expressway
  National Route 1
  Doksan Station (  Line 1)
Highway Start Spot Geumcheon Seoul
IC Geumcheon Br. IC 금천교교차로 衿川橋交叉路 Beoman-ro (범안로) Geumcheon-bound Only
IC Cheolsan Br. IC 철산교교차로 鐵山橋交叉路 Digital-ro (디지털로)
IC Gwangmyeong Br. IC 광명교교차로 光明橋交叉路 Gamasan-ro (가마산로)
IC Guil Pri. Sch. IC 구일초교나들목 九一初校앞 交叉路 Guil-ro (구일로) Seongsan-bound Only Guro
IC Gocheok Br. IC 고척교교차로 高尺橋交叉路   National Route 46
IC Ogeum Br. IC 오금교교차로 梧琴橋交叉路 Mokdong-ro (목동로)
IC Sinjeong Br. IC 신정교교차로 新亭橋交叉路 Dorimcheon-ro (도림천로) Yeongdeungpo
IC Omok Br. IC 오목교교차로 木洞橋交叉路   Gukhoe-daero (국회대로)
(  Gyeongin Expressway)
  Omokgyo Station (  Line 5)
IC Yangpyeong Br. IC 양평교교차로 楊坪橋交叉路 Yangpyeong-ro (양평로)
IC Seongsan Br. IC 성산대교남단 城山大橋南端   Olympicdaero (올림픽대로)
  National Route 6
  National Route 48
  National Route 77
BR Seongsan Bridge 성산대교 城山大橋 L=1,410m
IC Seongsan IC 성산대교북단 城山大橋北端   Gangbyeon Expressway (강변북로)
  National Route 48
  National Route 77
IC Naebu Expressway Entrance 내부순환로입구 內部循環路入口   National Route 1
(Nongsusansijang-ro) (농수산시장로)
  Naebu Expressway
IC Sacheon Br. IC 사천교 교차로 泗川橋交叉路 Seoul City Route 50 (Susaek-ro) (수색로) Moraenae Elevated Road section
Connected directly with   Seongsan-ro (성산로)

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