Senegambia and Niger

17°41′33.7″N 8°4′5.9″E / 17.692694°N 8.068306°E / 17.692694; 8.068306

Senegambia and Niger was a short-lived administrative unit of the colonial French West Africa possessions, in the region of present-day Niger, Mali and Senegal.

Senegambia and Niger
Sénégambie et Niger
Flag of Senegambia and Niger
Location of Senegambia and Niger
StatusFrench colony
Common languagesFrench
• Established
• Disestablished
CurrencyFrench West African franc
Preceded by
Succeeded by
French Sudan
Upper Senegal and Niger

It was formed in 1902, and reorganized in 1904 into Upper Senegal and Niger.[1]


Despite its brief existence, the French government still managed to issue postage stamps for the administrative unit, in the form of a version of its Navigation and Commerce series, inscribed "SENEGAMBIE / ET NIGER".


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