Senate 2001

The Senate 2001 coalition (Polish: Blok Senat 2001) was an electoral alliance in Poland used by centre-right parties in the election to the Senate in 2001. It included post-Solidarity Electoral Action parties, who aimed to prevent domination of the Senate by the centre-left Democratic Left Alliance – Labor Union (SLD-UP). All of the component parties competed in the concurrent election to the Sejm separately (the Movement for the Reconstruction of Poland ran on the ticket of the League of Polish Families).

Senate 2001 Coalition

Blok Senat 2001
LeaderKrzysztof Piesiewicz
FounderKazimierz Kutz

Krzysztof Piesiewicz
Zbigniew Religa

Zbigniew Romaszewski
IdeologyConservative liberalism
Christian democracy
Internal factions:
 • National conservatism
 • Conservatism
 • Liberal conservatism
 • Centrism
 • Liberalism
 • Social conservatism
 • Libertarianism
Political positionCentre-right

The parties involved in the alliance were:

Pre-election polling put the alliance on 30 to 40 seats. However, in the event, it won only 15 seats to the SLD-UP's 75. The alliance remained as a caucus in the Senate until the 2005 election, but didn't run for any other office.

The size of the caucus entitled the party to one member, Edmund Wittbrodt, of the Convention on the Future of Europe. Two of its members, Wittbrodt and Andrzej Chronowski, served as MEPs for three months after accession in 2004, before elections could be held.