Vila de Sena

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Vila de Sena or more commonly Sena is a town in Mozambique where there is a fundamental bridge over the Zambezi River. This bridge, the Dona Ana Bridge was originally a single track railway bridge, temporarily converted to road operation during the civil war.

The town lies on the east bank of the river.


The railway has a junction at this station. The railway is not operational; it is in very poor condition, and reconstruction work has been delayed.[1]

In 2008, a factory for making concrete sleepers was established here. The railway has a siding for passing trains but no junction. The line is operational with its main use transportation coal to the port of Beira from Moatize in Tete Province. A passenger and general goods train operated by CFM travels three to four times a week from Beira.

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Coordinates: 17°26′30″S 35°01′38″E / 17.44167°S 35.02722°E / -17.44167; 35.02722