Sembcorp Industries Limited SGX: U96 is a leading utilities and marine group.[1]

The Group provides centralised utilities, energy and water to industrial and other customers in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East.

They provide centralized utilities, energy, water services and wastewater treatment to key chemical sites and to other customers in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, China and the Middle East. They are also a global leader in marine and offshore engineering and a provider of environmental and industrial park management services in the region.

In the niche area of centralized utilities, Sembcorp is a global leader[citation needed] with a strong operational track record in Singapore’s Jurong Island and in one of Europe’s oldest chemical sites, Wilton International, Teesside (UK). They are further expanding their capabilities in new and emerging markets like China, the Middle East and Vietnam.

Sembcorp Marine with its network of 17 shipyards located around the world commands more than a quarter of the global rig building market and it is also a well-established player in ship repair and offshore conversion.[citation needed]

Sembcorp has total assets of over S$23 billion and employs more than 7,000 employees.[2][citation needed]

Listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange, Sembcorp is a component stock of the Straits Times Index and several MSCI indices.

Following a recent company rebrand, references to the company are directed as “Sembcorp” (with “S” in upper case and “c” in lower case), or “Sembcorp Industries” in full.“Sembcorp” is not an abbreviation of “Sembawang Corporation” but a brand name in itself, and it is, therefore, incorrect to refer to the company as “Sembawang”, “Sembawang Corporation” or similar.[citation needed]

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