Seessel's Supermarkets was an upscale grocery chain in Memphis, Tennessee, owned by Albertsons, Inc. It was acquired by Schnucks in 2002, which rebranded the stores Schnucks.

Seessel's Supermarkets, Inc.
TypeSubsidiary of Albertsons
Founded1858 (Memphis, Tennessee)
Fatesold to Schnucks in 2002
Number of locations
ProductsUpscale products


Seessel's was founded in 1858,[1] when Henry Seessel opened a meat stand in downtown Memphis. The first Seessel's Supermarket opened on Union Avenue in 1941. In 1997, brothers Art and Jerry Seessel, the fifth generation of the family to operate the business, sold the supermarket to Alabama-based Bruno's Supermarkets. Bruno's struggled with the 10-store chain, and Seessels took back the stores before selling them to Idaho-based Albertsons, Inc. in 1999. In 2002, Albertsons sold the 12-store chain to Schnucks, which rebranded the stores.[1]

In 2011, Schnucks left the Memphis market and sold the former Seessel's stores to Kroger.[2]


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