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Secretary of State for International Trade

Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for International Trade (International Trade Secretary) is a cabinet ministerial position in the government of the United Kingdom. The secretary of state is responsible for overseeing the Department for International Trade, which negotiates new international trade agreements with other countries for the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom
Secretary of State for
International Trade
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (HM Government).svg
Royal Arms as used by Her Majesty's Government
Official portrait of Dr Liam Fox.jpg
Liam Fox

since 13 July 2016
Department for International Trade
Style The Right Honourable
(Formal prefix)
International Trade Secretary
Member of British Cabinet
Board of Trade
Privy Council
Reports to The Prime Minister
Seat Westminster, London
Appointer The British Monarch
on advice of the Prime Minister
Term length No fixed term
Formation 13 July 2016
First holder Liam Fox

The position was created by Prime Minister Theresa May, shortly after she took office on 13 July 2016. The purpose behind this new role follows the result of the 2016 European Union membership referendum on 23 June 2016, in which 51.9% of voters voted in favour of leaving the European Union. Withdrawal from the European Union will require new trade agreements to be formed.

The inaugural holder is former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, who was appointed on 13 July 2016.[1] The Secretary of State also holds the position of President of the Board of Trade, a committee of the Privy Council of which the incumbent is the sole official member.[2][3]


List of Secretaries of State for International TradeEdit

Colour key (for political parties):

Portrait Name Term of Office Party Prime Minister Ref.
  Liam Fox
MP for North Somerset
13 July
Incumbent Conservative Theresa May [4]

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