Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico)

The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes, "Secretariat or Ministry of Communications and Transport", SCT) of Mexico is the national federal entity that regulates commercial road traffic and broadcasting. Its headquarters are in the Torre Libertad on Reforma in Mexico City but some aspects of the department still function at the old headquarters located at the intersection of Eje Central and Eje 4 Sur (Xola). The building is decorated with murals created by arranging small colored stones on the building's outer walls.

Secretariat of Communications and Transportation
Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes
SCT logo 2012.svg
Official seal and emblem
Agency overview
FormedApril 1, 1967
Preceding agency
  • Secretariat of Communications and Public Works
JurisdictionFederal government of Mexico
HeadquartersAv. Xola y Universidad S/N, Col Narvarte, Deleg. Benito Juárez. Ciudad de México
Employees800 (2006)
Annual budgetUS$76.7 million (2006)
Agency executive

Historical nomenclatureEdit

Secretariat of Communications and Transportation building

The forerunner of the modern-day SCT was created in 1891 under President Porfirio Díaz and was known as the Secretariat of Communications (Secretaría de Comunicaciones); its first incumbent as secretary was Manuel González Cosío. In 1920 it was renamed to the Secretariat of Communications and Public Works (Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Obras Públicas; "SCOP"). It acquired its present name in 1959.

Secretaries of Communications and TransportEdit

The SCT is headed by the Secretary of Communications and Transport, a member of the federal executive cabinet. Under the 1917 Constitution, this position has been held by the following individuals:

Pascual Ortiz Rubio, 1920-1924
Juan Andrew Almazán, 1930-1931
Guillermo Ortiz, 1994
Pedro Cerisola, 2000-2006
Close up of the mural of the tower portion of the headquarters used in the 1970s.

Agencies of the SCTEdit

The Direction General of Civil Aeronautics is the agency under the SCT that regulates aviation.[1]

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