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Secretariat for Administration and Justice (Macau)

The Secretariat for Administration and Justice is the most senior cabinet role and key departments in the Government of Macau. When the Chief Executive is on leave, the Secretariat for Administration and Justice, according to Article 55 of the Basic Law, is of first priority to take up the responsibility of acting Chief Executive.

The department was the amalgamation of:

List of responsibilities:

  • Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau
  • Legal Affairs Bureau
  • Printing Bureau
  • International Law Office
  • Civic and Municipal Training Centre
  • Judicial Reform Office (Gabinete para a Reforma Judica)

List of SecretariatsEdit

Order Name Assumed office Left office Term
1 Florinda da Rosa Silva Chan
(Chan Lai Man)

20 December 1999 20 December 2004 1
20 December 2004 20 December 2009 2
20 December 2009 20 December 2014 3
2 Sónia Chan Hoi Fan
20 December 2014 Incumbent
Term ends on 20 December 2019

Former OfficialsEdit


The Procurator General is the actual highest law officer in Macau and not the Secretary for Administration and Justice. It replace the role of Attorney General of Macau in 1999.

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