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The following units and commanders fought at the Second Battle of Saratoga, The Battle of Bemis Heights, on October 7, 1777.

British armyEdit

General John Burgoyne

Wing Brigade Regiments and Others

Advanced corps


Brigadier Simon Fraser (killed)

Right wing

1st Brigade

   Brigadier James Hamilton

  • 20th Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel John Lind
  • 21st Regiment: Major George Forster
  • 62nd Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel John Ansruther
2nd Brigade

   Brigadier Henry Powell

Left wing

1st Brigade

   General Johann Specht

  • von Rhetz (Braunschweiger Regiment): Major Carl von Ehrenkrook
  • von Specht (Braunschweiger Regiment): Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Spaethe
  • von Riedesel (Braunschweiger Regiment): General von Gall
2nd Brigade
  • Prinz Friedrich (Braunschweiger Regiment): Lieutenant Colonel Christian Praetorius
  • Erbprinz (Hesse-Hanau Regiment): General von Gall

   Lieutenant Colonel Heinrich von Breymann

  • Grenadier Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Heinrich von Breymann
  • Light Infantry Battalion
  • Braunschweiger Jagers Company
  • Braunschweiger Dragoon Regiment von Ludwig: Lieutenant Colonel Friedrich Baum

   Major Griffith Williams

  • Royal Irish Artillery Detachment
  • 33rd Regiment detachment
  • Hesse-Hanau Artillery company: Captain Georg Pausch

American armyEdit

Major General Horatio Gates

Wing Brigade Regiments and Others

Left wing
     Major General Horatio Gates

Learned's Brigade

   Brigadier General Ebenezer Learned

Poor's Brigade

   Brigadier General Enoch Poor

Ten Broeck's Brigade New York Militia

   Brigadier General Abraham Ten Broeck

  • 1st Regiment: Colonel Jacob Lansing
  • 3rd Regiment: Colonel Francis Nichol
  • 4th Regiment: Colonel Robert Killian
  • 5th Regiment: Colonel Gerrit G. Ven Den Bergh
  • 6th Regiment: Colonel Stephen John Schuyler
  • 7th Regiment: Colonel Abraham Van Alstine
  • 9th Regiment: Colonel Peter Van Ness
  • 10th Regiment: Colonel Henry Livingston
  • 11th Regiment: Colonel Anthony Van Bergen
  • 12th Regiment: Colonel Jacobus Van Schoonhoven
  • 13th Regiment: Colonel John McCrea
  • Colonel John Knickerbacker's Regiment
  • Colonel Lewis Van Woert's Regiment

Right Wing
     Major General Benjamin Lincoln

Glover's Brigade

   Brigadier General John Glover

Nixon's Brigade

   Brigadier General John Nixon

Paterson's Brigade

   Brigadier General John Paterson

Warner's Brigade

   Brigadier General Jonathan Warner

  • Central Berkshire Regiment of Massachusetts Militia: Colonel John Brown
  • 5th Middlesex Regiment of Massachusetts Militiia: Colonel Samuel Bullard
  • 3rd Suffolk County Regiment of Massachusetts Militia: Colonel Benjamin Gill
  • 1st Hampshire Regiment of Massachusetts Militia: Colonel Benjamin Woodbridge
  • 4th Essex County Regiment of Massachusetts Militia: Colonel Samuel Johnson
Unattached units
  • Morgan's Corps of Rifleman and Light Infantry: Colonel Daniel Morgan


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