Second Mitchell Ministry

The Second Mitchell Ministry was the 17th Ministry of the Government of Western Australia and was led by Nationalist Premier Sir James Mitchell. It succeeded the First Collier Ministry on 23 April 1930, following the defeat of the Labor government at the 1930 election on 26 March.

The ministry served at the height of the Great Depression. During its term, Norbert Keenan resigned from the cabinet following a dispute with the Premier, and Thomas Davy, widely touted as a future party leader, died.

The ministry was followed by the Collier Ministry on 24 April 1933 after the Nationalist coalition lost government at the state election held on 8 April. Half of the Ministry lost their parliamentary seats at the election, including the Premier.

The following ministers served, except where noted, for the duration of the Ministry:

Office Minister

Colonial Treasurer

Sir James Mitchell, KCMG, MLA

Minister for Lands
Minister for Immigration
Minister for Public Health

Charles Latham, MLA

Minister for Education (from 19 September 1931)

Thomas Davy, KC, MLA
(until 18 February 1933)

Minister for Railways
Minister for Mines
Minister for Police
Minister for Forests
Minister for Industry

John Scaddan, CMG, MLA

Minister for Public Works
Minister for Labour

John Lindsay, MLA

Chief Secretary
Minister for Education

Norbert Keenan, KC, MLA
(until 19 September 1931)

Chief Secretary (from 19 September 1931)
Minister for Country Water Supplies
Minister for Trading Concerns

Charles Baxter, MLC

Minister for Agriculture

Percy Ferguson, MLC

Minister for Education

Hubert Parker, MLA
(from 24 February 1933)


Nationalist Party
Country Party


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