Sean Clements

Sean Clements (born August 4, 1981) is an American writer, comedian, television producer, and podcast host. He grew up in Connecticut[1] and is best known, along with Hayes Davenport, as one half of The Boys, the duo who hosts the Earwolf podcast Hollywood Handbook.[2][3] The podcast has been critically acclaimed as "the biggest and most consistent laughs in all of podcasting, as a duo and separately, in addition to famously also being nice, smart, fun, funny and cool."[4] The February 23, 2016 episode of Hollywood Handbook has been called one of the greatest individual comedy related podcasts of all time, and funnier than its source material.[5]

Sean Clements
Born (1981-08-04) August 4, 1981 (age 38)
  • Writer
  • actor
  • producer
  • comedian
  • podcast sidekick
Notable work
The Grinder
Allen Gregory
Parks and Recreation
Hollywood Handbook

He has written for Ash vs Evil Dead,[6] Stone Cold Fox,[6] Workaholics,[6] The Grinder,[6] Allen Gregory,[6] Making History,[6] and Murder Police[7] and was an executive producer on Ghosted.[6] He has appeared as an actor in Workaholics, Parks and Recreation, The Colbert Report, Love, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Alone Together, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He has also notably appeared in a Super Bowl ad with Tim Tebow.[6]

In addition to Hollywood Handbook, Clements is known for the premium spin-off podcasts Hollywood Masterclass,[8] Hollywood Handbook: Pro Version,[9] and The Flagrant Ones. Clements also starred in the limited run podcast An Oral History of the 1993 Tappan Jr. High School Talent Show.[10]

Clements is a frequent performer of improv at UCB, currently performing weekly with Shitty Jobs at UCB Franklin in Los Angeles since 2009.[11][12] He previously performed on New York Harold teams from 2006-2009: Tantrum, The Fucking Kennedys, Bangs, and Badman.[13]


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