Scunthorpe Alphas

The Scunthorpe Alphas are an American football club based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, England who will operate in the BAFA National Leagues NFC Division 2 for the 2021 season. The club play their home games at Quibell Park Stadium and were formed in late 2018 by a consortium of coaches and former players who had previously played together at other local sides. In formation the Alphas became the second American football team to represent Scunthorpe following the Steelers who folded in 1990.[2] The Alphas were made full BAFA members in October 2020 and will play in Division Two for the 2022 season.[3]

Scunthorpe Alphas
Founded2018; 3 years ago (2018)
LeagueBAFA National Leagues
DivisionDivision Two[1]
LocationScunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, England
StadiumQuibell Park Stadium
ColoursWhite Helmets
Navy Blue and White Jerseys
Navy Blue pants
Head coachAlex Robson
General managerWarwick Grosvenor


The Alphas were formed in 2018 by a consortium of coaches and former players who had previous links to the Sheffield Giants, Lincolnshire Bombers and Doncaster Mustangs, namely founding members Warwick Grosvenor, Alex Robson, Nick Tomaszewski, Mikey Gray and Iain Heron Stamp.[4]

The club had become the first team to represent Scunthorpe since the 'Scunthorpe Steelers' who folded in 1990.[5] The Alphas added American quarterback Derek Yenerall, formerly of Premier League team Bristol Aztecs to their roster for their debut season and played their first game against Etone Jaguars (formely Coventry Jets) on the 3 August 2019, losing 16-12 in Nuneaton.[6] The Alphas brought American Football back to Quibell Park Stadium for the first time in 19 years when they hosted the Northants Knights on 15 September 2019, in attendance was a crowd of over 400 people.[7]

In February 2020 in preparation for their second season, the Alphas appointed former NCAA LSU Tigers player William Walker Jnr as their new Offensive Line coach. Walker had played under Louis Oubre at McDonogh High School and alongside future NFL players Joe McKnight and Delvin Breaux.[8]

The Alphas were made full BAFA members in October 2020 and will play in Division Two for the 2021 season. BAFA representative Warren Smart commented "BAFA believes that General Manager (GM) Warwick Grosvenor, aided by Assistant GM Nick Tomaszewski and the Alphas management and coaching squad, has established a sustainable, dynamic and competitive club".[9]

Youth TeamEdit

The Alphas introduced several levels of Youth team football in 2020 and in turn appointed former Great Britain Lions youth coach Richard Scott as their new U19 Head Coach. The Alphas will also run a U16 team with coaches Ryan McEntee and Patrick Galvin on board to work under coach Scott. [10]


Quibell Park Stadium

The Alphas play their home games at Quibell Park Stadium, the former home of the Steelers. Quibell Park is a purpose-built athletics and cycling velodrome stadium that has an American football field in the centre. The Alphas also use the adjacent field for practice making the Quibell Park complex their home for both training and match day.

Coaching StaffEdit

Role Name
Head Coach   Alex Robson
Offensive Coordinator   Alex Robson
Defensive Coordinator   Ed Heywood
Defensive Backs Coach   Nick Tomaszewski
Defensive Line Coach   William Walker Jr.
Offensive Line Coach   Warwick Grosvenor
Running Backs Coach   Claudia Tasker
Defensive Line Coach   Warwick Grosvenor
Linebackers Coach   Ed Heywood
Wide Receivers Coach   Alex Robson
U19 Head Coach   Richard Scott
Assistant Defensive Line Coach   Ryan McEntee
Assistant Linebackers Coach   Charlie Wilson
Assistant Defensive Backs Coach   Patrick Galvin



Scunthorpe Alphas training at night


  • 7:   Derek Yenerall

Running Backs

  • 2:   Jack Genney
  • 20:   Mark Straw
  • 28:   Adam Gill
  • 29:   Matt Mason
  • 34:   Corey Dobbs
  • 40:   Amit Singh

Wide Receivers

  • 5:   Tom Goodey
  • 9:   Deivydas Merkelis
  • 10:   Tim Hotchin
  • 12:   Dan Kitching
  • 14:   Ryan Bailey
  • 17:   Lewis Faulkes
  • 19:   Jake Bradley
  • 87:   Tom Coome

Tight Ends

  • 4:   Danny Simpson
  • 84:   Ross Simpson

Offensive Line

  • 50:   Stewart Robertson (T)
  • 53:   Paul Christmas (G)
  • 57:   Michael Dixon (T)
  • 60:   Peter Coultas (T)
  • 62:   Ryan Burrows (G)
  • 64:   Joseph Bradley (C)
  • 65:   David Noble (G/LS)
  • 68:   Luke Thompson (T)
  • 69:   Wayne Dempsey (G)
  • 70:   Ricky Smart (G)
  • 74:   Thomas Finlay (T)
  • 75:   Jacob Brown (G)
  • 77:   Thomas Brunt (C)
  • 78:   Dan Hickson (T)

Defensive Line

  • 13:   Michael Blades (DE)
  • 43:   Sean Kirkwood (DE)
  • 44:   Adrian Swierad (DT)
  • 52:   Daniel Hollingsworth (DT)
  • 55:   Steve Sowerby (DT/OLB)
  • 71:   Ryan McEntee (DT/OT)
  • 90:   Joe Hickson (DT)
  • 94:   Thomas Bradshaw (DE)
  • 95:   Ryan Shelley (DT)
  • 98:   Daniel McGowan (DE)
  • 99:   Jack Marshall (DT)


  • 1:   Charlie Wilson (MLB)
  • 3:   Nick Tomaszewski (OLB/SS)
  • 6:   Tom Costello
  • 21:   Brad Walker (OLB)
  • 45:   Kyle Deans (OLB)
  • 46:   Jordan Carr (MLB)
  • 47:   Ryan Davey (OLB)
  • 48:   Ben Manderson (OLB)
  • 49:   Jordan Smith (OLB)
  • 54:   Warwick Grosvenor (MLB/OT)
  • 56:   Ollie Dixon (OLB)
  • 58:   Ethan Turner (OLB)
  • 59:   Antony Lowndes (OLB)
  • 00:   Karol Tyburc (OLB)

Defensive Backs

  • 11:   Cardin Smith (SS)
  • 22:   James Larby (CB)
  • 23:   Rob Barraclough (FS)
  • 24:   Gaz Hughes (FS/QB)
  • 25:   Ash Scott (CB/P)
  • 26:   Callum Deans (S)
  • 27:   KP Edwards (CB)
  • 30:   Pete Briscoe (CB)
  • 31:   Callum Chrost (SS)
  • 32:   Patrick Galvin (FS)
  • 33:   Alex Chrost (CB/P)
  • 42:   James Woodward (CB/OLB)
  • 87:   Ryan Waters (CB)


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