Scottish National League (ice hockey)

The Scottish National League is an ice hockey league based in Scotland comprising 10 teams.

Scottish National League
Scottish National League Logo.png
SportIce hockey
No. of teams10
Country Scotland
 Northern Ireland
HeadquartersEdinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Most recent
Murrayfield Racers (2018)
Level on pyramid3

The league sits below the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) in the UK ice hockey structure alongside England's National Ice Hockey League (NIHL).

Following the demise of the British National League at the end of the 2004–05 season, the Fife Flyers and Dundee Stars transferred to the SNL, raising both the league's profile. Both teams have however since left the SNL and now compete in the highest tier of United Kingdom Ice Hockey, the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL).


Teams in the 2019–20 SNL

2020-21 SNL TeamsEdit

Club Founded City Arena(s) Capacity
  Aberdeen Lynx 2005 Aberdeen Linx Ice Arena 1,118
  Belfast SNL Giants 2007 Belfast SSE Arena Belfast 9,957
  Dundee Comets 2008 Dundee Dundee Ice Arena 2,000
  Dundee Tigers 1938 Dundee Dundee Ice Arena 2,000
  Kilmarnock Thunder 2017 Kilmarnock Galleon Leisure Centre 400
  Kirkcaldy Kestrels 1984 Kirkcaldy Fife Ice Arena 3,525
  Murrayfield Racers 2018 Edinburgh Murrayfield Ice Rink 3,800
  North Ayrshire Wild 2002 Stevenston Auchenharvie Leisure Centre 250
  Paisley Pirates 1946 Glasgow Braehead Arena 4,000
  Solway Sharks 1998 Dumfries Dumfries Ice Bowl 1,000



Season Winner Runner-up Third Play-off winner Finalist
1998–1999 Solway Sharks Glasgow Dynamos Perth Panthers
1999–2000 Solway Sharks Ayr Centrum Bruins Murrayfield Raiders
2000–2001 Dundee Tigers Solway Sharks Murrayfield Raiders
2001–2002 Edinburgh Capitals SNL Dundee Tigers Kilmarnock Storm
2002–2003 Edinburgh Capitals SNL Camperdown Stars Kirkcaldy Kestrels
2003–2004 Camperdown Stars Paisley Pirates Edinburgh Capitals SNL
2004–2005 Camperdown Stars Solway Sharks Edinburgh Capitals SNL
2005–2006 Fife Flyers Dundee Stars Paisley Pirates Fife Flyers Dundee Stars
2006–2007 Fife Flyers Dundee Stars Solway Sharks Fife Flyers Solway Sharks
2007–2008 Scottish Warriors Dundee Tigers Aberdeen Lynx
2008–2009 Kilmarnock Storm Dundee Comets Dundee Tigers
2009–2010 Kirkcaldy Kestrels Dundee Comets Kilmarnock Storm
2010–2011 Dundee Comets Paisley Pirates Edinburgh Capitals SNL
2011–2012 Dundee Comets Paisley Pirates North Ayrshire Wild
2012–2013 Paisley Pirates Dundee Tigers North Ayrshire Wild Dundee Tigers Paisley Pirates
2013–2014 Edinburgh Capitals SNL Kirkcaldy Kestrels North Ayrshire Wild Edinburgh Capitals SNL North Ayrshire Wild
2014–2015 Kirkcaldy Kestrels Edinburgh Capitals SNL Paisley Pirates Kirkcaldy Kestrels Edinburgh Capitals SNL
2015–2016 Kirkcaldy Kestrels Paisley Pirates Edinburgh Capitals SNL Aberdeen Lynx Dundee Comets
2016–2017 Paisley Pirates Aberdeen Lynx Dundee Comets
2017–2018 Dundee Comets Paisley Pirates Kirkcaldy Kestrels Dundee Comets Kirkcaldy Kestrels
2018–2019 Murrayfield Racers Paisley Pirates Kirkcaldy Kestrels Paisley Pirates Murrayfield Racers


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