Scott Newhall (January 21, 1914 – October 26, 1992) was a newspaper editor known for his stewardship of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Scott Newhall
Born(1914-01-21)January 21, 1914
DiedOctober 26, 1992(1992-10-26) (aged 78)
Resting placeSan Mateo, California
Spouse(s)Ruth Waldo

Early lifeEdit

Scott Newhall was born on January 21, 1914, into the family that owned the Newhall Land and Farming Company.[1] In 1933, in the midst of his sophomore year at U.C. Berkeley, he married Ruth Waldo.[1][2]

Newspaper careerEdit

In 1934, Newhall joined the San Francisco Chronicle as a photographer. By 1952, he was executive editor. He left in 1971, leaving a legacy of zany stories and other antics meant to boost circulation.[3][4][1]

In 1963, he purchased The Newhall Signal, which he sold in 1978 but continued to edit until 1988.[5]

In 2012, he was inducted into the California Newspaper Hall of Fame.[6]

Paddlewheel tug Eppleton HallEdit

In 1970, Newhall purchased, refurbished, and sailed from England to San Francisco the 1914 River Tyne paddlewheel tug Eppleton Hall, which was donated to the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.[7][8][9][10]

1971 San Francisco mayoral campaignEdit

In 1971, Newhall campaigned to become mayor of San Francisco. He came in 5th place, getting 8,704 votes, or 3.44% of total votes cast.[11]


On October 26, 1992, Newhall died at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, which was named after his great-grandfather. He had been suffering from acute pancreatitis. He was 78 years of age.[1]

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