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Scott Anderson (Hollyoaks)

Scott Anderson is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, played by Daniel Hyde.

Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson.jpg
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed byDaniel Hyde
First appearance5 November 2001
Last appearance30 January 2005
Introduced byJo Hallows
Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour (2001)
Hollyoaks: The Good, the Bad, and the Gorgeous (2009) (non-canon)
ClassificationFormer; regular


Ambitious and possessive, Scott had a mean streak that can quickly offend, but when need be he can easily turn on the charm. Scott first appeared in the Hollyoaks video/DVD Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour, where he caused a fight with Luke Morgan, forced himself on Geri Hudson, and raped Beth Morgan. This was not the first time he had taken advantage of a woman, but never was any action taken against him because he is a professional footballer.

However, Beth Morgan decided to take action against him in court, but the case was dropped after it was confirmed Beth had been talking to an outsider about the case. Scott began to have his one-night stands with sixteen-year-old Steph Dean, but soon got bored of her and dumped her. His attentions grew closer to Izzy Cornwell, and he made several attempts to seduce her. At one time it went too far. Scott would not let go of Izzy and Beth drove towards Scott and knocked him down whilst driving. This cost Scott his chances of playing in the World Cup and he never played football again because of an injury. At her trial Scott let it slip that he did actually rape her hence provoking the car attack but she is still found guilty. Beth Morgan was sentenced for six months. Scott was later convicted for perjury, for which he received a suspended prison sentence. Scott later returned as the new owner of The Loft.

Many residents of Hollyoaks, mainly Izzy, tried to protest against Scott, but he insisted that he was a changed man for the better. With murders happening around the village, Scott was a key suspect when he was arrested but was later cleared of any charges. Scott tried to convince Izzy that he had learnt his lessons and was leading a new life, but she was still unforgiving towards him. Trouble was also brewing for Scott as Ben Davies became a rival in Hollyoaks, with Ben dating his beloved Izzy.

He then began to show two sides of his character—a caring one as he supported Ellie Hunter through her problems and a more negative one when he led Matt Musgrove in being arrested for handling doggy fake notes. There was to be another blow for Scott when Ben and Izzy announced that they were set to get married. Scott was desperate to persuade Izzy not to marry him. After discovering from Emma Chambers, Scott told Izzy that Ben had a one-night stand with Emma and that she was carrying their child in a bid to stop Izzy marrying Ben. Despite the attempt, it did not stop Ben and Izzy from getting married, which left Scott devastated.

A few months later, Izzy suffered a miscarriage and was told that she could never have any children. She struggled to cope seeing Ben around with Emma's child, Arthur. Izzy confided her feelings with Scott and did the unthinkable as she slept with him. Scott hopes were raised, as it could have been the path to finally being together with the girl of his dreams. However, it wasn’t meant to be after Izzy told Scott that she only slept with him so she could cut all ties with Ben. A desperate Scott asked Izzy to give him another chance, but she did not want to know as Izzy left to make a fresh start away from Hollyoaks.

Scott felt it was useless to stay in Hollyoaks after Izzy's exit, but he was in for another surprise when his bar worker Darren Osborne had stitched Scott up a credit card scam. Knowing it was Darren who stitched him up, Scott decided to teach him a lesson by locking the doors of The Loft and setting fire to it. Scott fell down the stairs at The Loft and pleaded to Darren for help, but Darren refused to help and managed to make his way out. Thinking that Scott was left for dead, Darren phoned the police but was shocked when no trace of Scott had been found.

A year later Scott started threatening Darren to pay back the money. He managed to persuade Ben and Russ Owen to go with him for a deal he was setting up but when they arrived at the location they saw that Scott was the person Darren owed money to. Immediately they were jumped by Scott's thugs and the three were tied up and tape gagged. They were then untied after a long calming conversation. Ben and Russ left the Flat leaving Darren to plead with Scott not to kill him. Scott was about to attack Darren when the police arrived and arrested him.

Scott later appeared in the non-canon episode Hollyoaks: The Good the Bad and the Gorgeous in 2009, an episode looking back at the history of the show. Scott featured in two musical numbers with the (as then) current cast.