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The Schunter is a river in Lower Saxony, Germany, with a length of 58 km, right tributary of the Oker. It originates in the Elm hills near Räbke west of Helmstedt, flows northward to Süpplingenburg, then turns westward and joins the Oker at Schwülper, downstream of Braunschweig (Brunswick). Another municipality on the Schunter is Lehre.

Confluence of the Schunter (left) and Oker river near Groß Schwülper.
Physical characteristics
 - locationElm
 - coordinates52°10′56″N 10°50′57″E / 52.18222°N 10.84917°E / 52.18222; 10.84917
 - elevation175 m (574 ft)
 - location
 - coordinates
52°20′37″N 10°26′22″E / 52.34361°N 10.43944°E / 52.34361; 10.43944Coordinates: 52°20′37″N 10°26′22″E / 52.34361°N 10.43944°E / 52.34361; 10.43944
Length58.3 km (36.2 mi) [1]
Basin size597 km2 (231 sq mi) [1]
Basin features
ProgressionOkerAllerWeserNorth Sea

The river was first mentioned as Schuntra in a 781 deed. The name may be of Slavic origin as sukątora means "with many angles". Its clear spring waters formerly supplied the paper mills of Räbke. In the 18th century it was also used for timber rafting of logs harvested in the Elm range.


Springs in the Elm.

Left tributaries (from source to mouth):    

Right tributaries:

  • Laagschunter
  • Lange Welle
  • Uhrau
  • Neindorferbach
  • Heiligendorferbach
  • Beberbach


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