Schleswig Geest

The Schleswig Geest (German: Schleswigsche Geest, Danish: Slesvigsk Gest, Midtslesvig or Midtsletten) lies between the North Frisian Marsh and Schleswig-Holstein Uplands in the north of Schleswig-Holstein (Southern Schleswig) in Germany. To the south, it transitions into the Eider-Treene Depression. Geest is one of the three landscape forms in Schleswig-Holstein. Its sandy soils contrast with the fertile soils of the marshes and hill country. The Schleswig Geest was settled in the 6th century by the Danes and Jutes. The Ochsenweg ("Ox Road"), one of the most important communication arteries in the North European region, runs through the Schleswig Geest. The so-called Geest Ridge (Geestrücken) was the best strip of land for a north-south route. Whilst the marsh was too soft and wet for long-distance roads on which to move cattle and armies, the Angeln was just too hilly.

Landscapes in Schleswig-Holstein


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