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Royal Schiphol Group is a Dutch company with its head office on the grounds of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands.[2]

Royal Schiphol Group N.V.
corporation Edit this on Wikidata
Founded1920 (Schiphol)
HeadquartersSchiphol Building, Schiphol-C
Key people
Dick Benschop (CEO)
RevenueIncrease €1.509 billion (2018)[1]
Increase €368 million (2018)[1]
Decrease €285 million (2018)[1]
Total assetsIncrease €7.354 billion (2018)[1]
Number of employees
2,324 (2018)[1]
WebsiteSchiphol Group
Schiphol Group offices


In October 2008, the boards of Aéroports de Paris and the Schiphol groups agreed to take stakes of eight percent each in the other's company, making the newly formed group the world's largest airport group.[3]

In 2011, the Schiphol group signed an agreement with Aéroports de Paris and Incheon International Airport to cooperate on their customer relationship and marketing know-hows. The cooperation agreement was renewed in January 2014.[4]

On March 2014, the Schiphol group bought 38.85% of the AREB property fund to control 17 strategic properties on the Amsterdam airport.[5]

In March 2015, the Schiphol group sold 60% of Schiphol Airport Retail, the entity that handles retail stores within the airport, to the Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value.[6][7] The revenue from retail sales is replaced by a concession fee and a share in the results of associates.[8]

In March 2016, the Schiphol group authorized the construction of a new terminal at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, set to be ready by 2023, and with a capacity of 14 million passengers a year.[9]

Financial structureEdit

Shareholder of

The Schiphol Group is 100% shareholder of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and Lelystad Airport. It also owns 51% of Eindhoven Airport and 19% of Brisbane Airport. The group holds the operating franchise for John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 4. Beside that, the airport group owns 35% of Hobart International Airport and 1% of Viena International Airport.

Airport Stake Percentage
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 100%
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 100%
Lelystad Airport 100%
John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 4 100%
Eindhoven Airport 51%
Hobart International Airport 35%
Brisbane Airport 18,72%
Vienna International Airport 1%


The Schiphol group is owned by the Dutch Ministry of Finance (69.77%), the municipalities of Amsterdam (20.03%) and Rotterdam (2.2%) and Aéroports de Paris (8.00%).

In 2014, the group reported €672 million in revenue, a 3.4% increase to the previous year.[5] The group's former CEO, Jos Nijhuis, earned a €900,000 salary that same year.[10]


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